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Ready for Adoption Jennifer

Jennifer is one of several dogs who came to us as part of a breeder release. In her previous life, she lived in a cage, with minimal human contact, and so never learned that humans are safe, and love is possible. She is 8 yrs. old, 12" and 10#. She is HW & fecal negative, spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. While she has made progress in foster care, many of her issues remain challenging.

From her foster mom: Jennifer is not house trained. She must be supervised or kenneled to avoid accidents in the house. If I am going to check the mail, I put Jennifer in her kennel. If not kenneled, chances are great she will have an accident during the couple of minutes she is left unsupervised. She is kennel trained & her kennel is her safety zone. Jennifer has major separation anxiety issues. She will go in her kennel when she knows I am leaving but when I close the kennel door she begins to bark and jump/bang against the kennel door. This happens each time I leave the house. Jennifer has difficulty accepting change. Several months ago when one of our Shelties went to the Rainbow Bridge Jennifer's accidents & separation anxiety issues increased. Outside & inside noises scare her. Every now & then Jennifer will accept a treat from me but she doesn't come for petting. If someone tries to pet her she runs in her kennel & gets as far back in her kennel as she can. Jennifer shows no interest in toys or playing with the resident dogs. But she does seem to enjoy the company of the other dogs. She likes to run around in the yard with them & chase squirrels. Jennifer seems happier around the resident dogs than humans. Jennifer is a major escape artist. Once out the door, backyard gate or under the fence & she would be gone. There would be no catching up with her.

After all this time, Jennifer will likely never be a companion dog in the sense that she will greet her person at the door with a wagging tail and happy anticipation. Even so, she deserves to know security and love. Will you be that person to meet her where she is, and give her that haven?

Please check back for further updates.

Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer
Jennifer Jennifer

Ready for Adoption! Portia

Portia is from a local shelter. She is 10+ years old, 15 inches, 29 pounds, is now UTD. She is HW/fecal - and had previously been spayed.

An update from Portia's foster mom: Portia originally came into the program with ear and skin infections. It was determined that she has flea and food allergies. Medications have cleared up her ears and her once thin coat is now getting soft and fuller. Regular monthly flea medication seems to have solved her flea allergy irritation. Her food allergy issues seem to have subsided as well with a change to a hypoallergenic food (which is the same price range as any other premium dog food).

Portia has really come out of her shell since she has been with us, especially as her health has improved. She gets along well with our two resident Shelties and is a definite people-pleaser. Portia is not interested in being on the furniture or bed, but does enjoy snuggling if you get on the floor with her. She sleeps on the bedroom floor on a pillow or in her open crate. She is very well behaved and fully potty trained. Her favorite thing is a good ear rub! Portia is not shy with strangers or children. She enjoys going for walks and does well in the car.

Portia appears to be deaf and would do best in a home with other dogs. She can detect when our other dogs are barking and picks up on events from their behaviors. We often forget she can't hear because she never misses a greeting at the door when we come home or a mealtime! Portia is a great dog and looks forward to finding her forever home to give her the love she deserves.

Portia recently experienced a vestibular incident leaving her with a head tilt that gives her a quizzical expression. It's so cute!

Please check back for further updates.

Portia Portia Portia Portia
Portia Portia

Forever Foster! Lucky

Lucky is a found stray. He is ~4 years old, 14 inches, 22 pounds, now UTD and neutered. Lucky has successfully completed HW treatment. Lucky has a seizure disorder, and also has dry eye and needs eye drops twice a day.

An update from Lucky's foster mom:Lucky is a gorgeous Sheltie with perfectly tipped ears. He likes to go on walks and he is house and crate trained. He is also good with cats and other dogs. Lucky is a sweet boy, but very shy with people and submissive to other dogs. Because of his people shyness, he needs to have a confident doggy buddy to play with and follow around. He loves to have his head scratched and he loves his antler chew. He is very good in the car.

Please check back for further updates.

Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky
Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky

Medical update: In addition to his seizures and dry eye, Lucky has developed a condition known as megaesophagus, meaning his esophagus is enlarged, and the normal process of moving food to the stomach fails to occur properly. As a result, he needs to be fed frequent smaller meals of a blenderized food, then be held upright for 30 minutes following each meal. To facilitate this, we have purchased a Bailey chair for this beautiful boy, which he has uncomplainingly accepted. He also is on several medications to help prevent regurgitation, as this puts him at risk for aspiration pneumonia.

Because of his numerous medical issues, we have moved Lucky to "Forever Foster" status, meaning we acknowledge he really is not a candidate for adoption, and we have committed to helping Lucky as "our" dog. His care is ongoing and expensive. He has just been put on an additional, more expensive medication for his seizures. Whenever he appears to have potentially aspirated food into his lungs, he requires a trip to the veterinarian, often with xrays or bloodwork, to assess his condition. We need help to continue to help this boy. Won't you please make a contribution to his care to allow us to continue to provide for him?


Ready for Adoption! Tallie

Tallie is a 14 year old OR to the program due to the death of her owner.  A former show dog, she spent the last 10 years of her life being the devoted companion of her mom.  Tallie is a little sprite at 13" and 15#.  She is HW/fecal-, spayed and now UTD on vaccinations.  She loves attention, and transitioned into foster care easily.

From her foster mom: Tallie is doing fine.  She is VERY sweet!  Her appetite is great  - she can't wait for her food!  More & more she is coming to me for petting.  She appears hard of hearing, but her vision seems fine.  She is housetrained. She seems to have a touch of arthritis but overall her mobility is good.

While much loved, Tallie's health care had not been attentive in recent years.  She desperately needed a dental, and required 10 extractions to address the multiple fistulas in her mouth.  Intake expenses alone exceeded $600, she still needs a good grooming, and as we anticipate she will live out her life with us, there will be ongoing expenses for age-related veterinary care.  Please help us provide Tallie the soft landing she so deserves by donating via PayPal, below, and watch her progress!  Thank you so much!

Tallie 1 Tallie 2 Tallie 3 Tallie 4

Ready for Adoption! Kirby

Kirby is from a local shelter. She is ~12 years old, 14 inches, 20 pounds, is now UTD. She is HW/fecal-, has been spayed, and a dental. She is fully house trained, enjoys being groomed, and riding in the car.

Kirby is also very playful. She enjoys being with my husband and me as we move from room to room in the house so that she can be near us. She's also ready for a tummy rub at any time. She likes to sleep on a pillow on the floor in our bedroom. She really likes pillows! She is a very happy girl with a smile and constant wagging tail.

From his foster mom:Arthritis has accompanied Kirby's advancing age but she takes a supplement that aids more ease of movement for her. Her eyesight is also not as good as it used to be but she has such a spunky spirit that it doesn't slow her down. She is getting a quality food and other supplements that will be the remedy for an apparent allergic reaction on her skin.

Please check back for further updates.

In Foster Care Intake
Kirby 1 Kirby 2 Kirby Kirby 4
Kirby 5 Kirby 6 Kirby 7 Kirby
Kirby Kirby

Ready for Adoption! Bogie

Bogie (DOB 1/14/13), 26 pounds, has had all of his vaccinations and is neutered.

An update from their foster mom: Bogie is an enthusiastic boy and is house trained. He's had no accidents in the four weeks that he has been with us. He has learned how to catch a tennis ball in the air and has shown an interest in playing Frisbee. As most puppies, he loves to chew on rawhide treats, so keep some handy. He has not tried to chew any inappropriate items. He barks some when he plays or needs to go out, but he does not constantly bark for no reason. He likes to wrestle and has not met anyone he was unwilling to play with - canine nor human. He is a solid boy and would make a good rough and tumble playmate for some lucky family.

Please check back for further updates.

Bogie Levi and Bogie Bogie Levi and Bogie
Levi leviandbogie1sm Bogie Levi and Bogie
Levi and Bogie Shelby & Bogie
Levi and Bogie Shelby & Bogie

Ready for Adoption! Bonnie

Bonnie is from a local shelter, ~7 years old, 15 inches, 26 pounds, spayed, and UTD on vaccinations. Bonnie has completed HW treatment and is now ready for her forever home.

An update from Bonnie's foster mom: Bonnie is a sweet little dog who loves to play fetch. She will chase a ball, Frisbee, or stick and bring it back ready for more action. She is very smart, likes to be busy, and loves to chase the squirrels in the back yard. She enjoys walks but could use more leash training as she gets quite excited. She has an alpha dog mentality and can be possessive of us with our own dog but responds to correction fairly well. She is house trained, no accidents in the house at all. She likes to chase cats on our walks so it is hard to assess how she would do with cats in a home.

Overall, she is a great dog who would enjoy an active lifestyle.

Please check back for further updates.

Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie
Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie

Ready for Adoption! Long John

Long John is an OR for personal reasons. He is 8 years old (DOB 8/6/05) 15 inches, 25 pounds, HW/fecal -. On intake, Long John had a severe ear infection, an eye discharge (from an abcessed tooth), and flea allergy dermatitis, all of which have been successfully treated. He also had a dental and is now neutered and ready for adoption. His only ongoing health issue is one of food allergies, will require weekly baths until his skin clears up, and then he will need to remain on hypoallergenic food (which is the same price range as any other premium food).

From his foster mom: Long John is a shy and gentle fellow. He will warm up to you, but he wants it on his own terms and will keep you at arms-length until he gets to know you, unless he thinks he needs protection from people or other animals. Then he will snuggle up to you.

Long John is a fairly submissive dog who will go out of his way to avoid trouble. He is not a lap dog, however, he is more than willing to share the couch with you or sleep at the end of your bed. He loves his little walks and is great on a leash. He is very attentive to having his name called. He is house and crate trained but prefers to be with his human.

He is obedient, however, if you leave him long periods of time, he gets bored and enjoys looking into cabinets and taking things out to play with. He does not tear up anything, chew on furniture, or scratch or jump on doors. If you happen to leave something on the table and there is a chair accessible, it will not be there when you get home. He has also been known to scavenge the trash can.

Long John is ONE OF A KIND and would be a great asset to a loving, patient, and understanding family.

Please check back for further updates.

Long John Long John Long John