Shipley Shipley  

Shipley is an OR due to family circumstances. She is 9 years old, 14 inches, 22 pounds, now UTD, spayed, heartworm/fecal negative. She is being treated for a severe ear infection and has been put on a joint supplement for mild arthritis. Shipley has a heart murmur (mitral valve insufficiency). An ultrasound revealed there is no cardiac disease at this time and no medications are required. She will need yearly rechecks. Shipley is a delightful girl who loves her humans/gets along well with other dogs.

An update from Shipley's foster mom: Introducing the sweet and loving little lady, Miss Shipley! Shipley is a kind, well trained, and obedient sable and white Sheltie who loves being right under her human's feet, especially in the kitchen. Did I mention she is a "chow hound?" Shipley excitedly laps up her kibble and green beans, waits for the others to complete their dinner, then enjoys the family bowl swap event. She gets along well with all the resident doggies but has selected her favorite pup with whom to engage in play time. The playful soft biting game is a favorite of theirs! She is crate trained and sleeps quietly until time for the family to get up; however, she is completely house trained and does not need to be crated. Miss Shipley is quiet most of the time, until there is a knock on the door, or the residents start barking, then she will lend her voice so as to show the humans that she is working too! Shipley is an absolute doll and a delight to be around.

Shipley is dreaming of finding her own forever home. Are you the one who will make her dreams come true?

Please check back for further updates. 

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