SkippySkippy came to us in June 2004 along with Shadow. Skippy was a very happy dog who loved his routine especially around the dispensing of treats. If someone got brushed, break out the treats; you're leaving the house, break out the treats; you came home, break out the treats. He was a dog who loved everyday and everyday had its routine that he would depend on. He was very content after walks, feeding time and any time he got to spend with us. He would often show his delight by rubbing his body against the couch or the bed and he would like to roll around on the floor. We thought of Skippy as our ambassador in that he was so calm and easy going that he tolerated strangers coming up to him on walks and petting him. We never worried about how he would react to them.

Skippy started slowing down this year and started to show his age (14.5). He began losing weight and we could never get him to put it back on. He also became fussy about his food and even his treats. One day he had a seizure and after consulting with our vet, we released him to the Bridge. We could never come close to returning the love that he gave to us though we tried.

He has been missed everyday since and will missed be for a long time to come. We are grateful to HSS for saving Skippy for us to love.

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