Sadie is an OR for personal reasons. She is 6 years old, 14-15 inches, overweight at 31 pounds, now UTD, spayed, heartworm positive. Sadie will start heartworm treatment ~3/2 and be available for adoption ~5/2.

An update from Sadie's foster mom: Sadie is a sweet girl who loves to get attention and pets. She is also a “leaner.” She gets along well with the resident dogs and has entered into some chase games through the yard. She also gets along well with cats. Previously kept outdoors, Sadie is learning house training, manners, and basic obedience.

As good natured as Sadie is, she is dealing with some fear issues. She likes to be petted and scratched but at times she may pull back when I scratch around her lower back and legs. She doesn’t trust me entirely yet, but she clearly wants to, and we are working on her fears. By the time she is done with her heartworm treatment, she should be much more comfortable with being handled.

Unfortunately, Sadie's coat was matted to the skin, and had to be shaved. Her new coat of healthy Sheltie hair should be growing out nicely by the time she is ready for her forever home!

Please check back for further updates.

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