Forever Foster


Andy is an owner relinquishment following the death of his owner. The family tried to keep him, but it was not a good fit, for reasons including the fact he was breaking his housetraining in his older years. He is 12+ years old, and a big boy at 17-18" and 38#.

Bloodwork on intake showed Andy suffers from chronic kidney disease - the reason for his housetraining issues. He also suffers from long-standing arthritis, and the resultant lack of exercise has resulted in the loss of muscle mass in his hind end, which impedes his mobility. We have arrived at a course of treatment that has him fairly stable in his kidney issues, and medication for his arthritis.

From his foster mom: I can't tell you what a wonderful boy Andy is. He's a big galoot, with a big bark, who loves his people without reservation and asks for little more than regular meals and as much petting as you will provide. One of his main challenges when he first came home was his lack of mobility - without muscle mass to help steady him, he found walking on our floors a challenge. We noticed he did much better outside, where the ground was not slippery like the hardwoods. He *really* enjoyed being mobile. After a number of false starts, we have put several runners throughout the downstairs part of our house, and you would think we handed him the moon. The day we put them down, he walked the pathways for 15 minutes straight, grinning. Happiness is in the simplest things.

Andy's treatment, including fluids which his foster home gives him regularly, and medication for his arthritis, run about $100/month, and he requires regular bloodwork to make sure we are doing what we need to provide appropriate care. Please consider becoming part of "Andy's army" to provide for his needs while we care for him for the rest of his life. Thank you so much.

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