Bryson Bryson Bryson

Bryson is an ~8 year old found stray.  15" and 30#, he is now UTD, neutered and has had a dental cleaning.  Bryson was HW+ on intake, and had to go through treatment.  He is now finished and ready for adoption.

On intake, we noticed Bryson was not putting weight on his right front leg and walked with a hopping gait.  Xrays showed no evidence of a fracture or dislocation, so Bryson was referred to a veterinary neurologist to be evaluated for what was appeared to be nerve damage.  An MRI ruled out a tumor or lesion pressing on the spinal cord or other nerves, and showed that Bryson had muscle atrophy, which indicates an old injury - Dr. Giovanella suspects a partial tearing away of the bundle of nerves that supplies the leg.  He has some feeling in the leg, is able to stand on it, and uses it to paw at me for attention!  Bryson also had an evaluation by the physical therapist at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists.  She agreed that is an old injury and unfortunately is not likely to improve.

From his foster mom:  As far as Bryson is concerned, all that medical jargon is just a bunch of words, and it doesn't slow him down at all!  He follows me everywhere and joins the other dogs in the yard.  Our best guess is that he was an outdoor dog, and we've been working on housetraining.  He is doing very well and only forgets occasionally when he gets excited.  He eats well and waits patiently for the other dogs to finish eating. He likes toys and will get several out of the toy box.  He gets along fine with the resident dogs, but will raise a lip if someone crowds him.  As far as I can tell, he is okay with cats but they are a little wary of him.  He seems to like being brushed.  Bryson is a beautiful boy, with stunning eyes, one blue and one brown.  He's looking for his forever home.

Please check back for further updates.

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