Lucky Lucky  

Lucky5 is an OR to a local shelter. She is 5 years old, 15-16 inches, overweight at 36#. She is spayed, UTD, and fecal and heartworm negative. Although only 5, Lucky already has degenerative changes in several of her joints, causing her to limp.  She is on supplements, and we are working on weight loss to help relieve the pressure.

From her foster home: Lucky is a shy lady when first met, but warms into a smiley, waggy, follow-you-everywhere companion. She loves my three cats, and her exuberant greetings receive a range of response from calm acceptance to hissing reminders to back off, which she does with alacrity as she's a smart girl! She loves attention and belly rubs, but is less fond of new situations. She accepts the leash and walks willingly, but shows obvious if mild anxiety on the street. She's insecure meeting new people, but is never aggressive, simply backs up and leans on her safe person. Men and other dogs seem to trigger an even higher level of anxiety, so she may do best in a home with a single woman, perhaps as an only dog.  She's a lovely lady and will make someone a loving companion.

Please check back for further updates.

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