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Anna Anna Anna
Anna Anna  

Anna is a found stray.  She is ~10 years old, 14-15 inches, now UTD, heartworm positive, was treated for tapeworms, has dental disease.

An update from Anna's foster mom:  We do not know Anna's history or how old she is. Anna is a senior lady for sure. I am certain she is completely deaf. This does not stop her. She does really well with hand signals and agreeably gets into her kennel. Her buddy, Kyrie, will go outside and get her if Anna does not hear or see me calling her inside. Unfortunately, shortly after she came into the program, Anna was diagnosed with inoperable bladder cancer. She has become my forever foster and is in hospice care with me. Every day she grows dearer to me. Her spirit is amazing and, like most rescue dogs, Anna shows her appreciation by following me around and giving me soulful looks with those beautiful brown eyes. She has never had a house accident, despite her condition. She is just a doll. We don’t know Anna’s history but you can be sure that she will know love, comfort, understanding and kindness she deserves in her remaining days. When it is her time to cross the Rainbow Bridge she will go knowing she has a family. I will have her paw in my hand and give her gentle strokes so she is not scared and knows she is a good dog and loved. Each dog that I foster teaches me something about the human-animal bond. It is always sad to see them leave but each one has found their perfect furever home and it is amazing to see how it all works out. Thank you Anna for teaching me about keeping your spirits up, because you did and patience, love and understanding do amazing things for dogs and people. It is my honor and privilege to have you as my forever foster.

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