Beau Beau  

Beau is an OR due to family circumstances.  He is 7 months old (DOB 6/28/17), 19 pounds, 15 inches and is now UTD and neutered.  

An update from Beau's foster mom:  Beau is very shy and skitttish, as he came from an unsocialized atmosphere.  He has learned to walk on a leash, but is easily frightened by sudden noises and movements.  He is 90% potty trained and stays in crate when we go to work, and through the night.   Although he is making progress, he continues to be scared of new situations.  He has sniffed the resident dogs, but has not made any attempt to play with them.  

Beau will need a family who has a lot of patience with him and who is willing to continue to work with him on his issues.  And just like other puppies, he needs supervision, as he will chew cords and other things he finds on the floor. 

Please check back for further updates.

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