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Benji Benji Benji

Benji is an OR for personal reasons.  He is ~2 years old, 13 inches, 24 pounds, neutered, now UTD, heartworm/fecal negative.  Benji is house and crate trained and loves people.  Benji has had several seizures and has been diagnosed with epilepsy.  We are working with our vet to get the ideal dose of medication to keep the condition stabilized.

An update from Benji's foster mom:  Benji has learned how to walk on a leash very well.  If he starts to sit down and not move (a favorite game he used to play), a firm tug on the leash gets him moving in the right direction.  We are also working with Benji on a long leash to learn to follow us and our voice commands.  He sits on command 70 percent of the time, and we will start to work on teaching him "heel" and "stay" soon.

Benji is house and crate trained, but prefers being with us and sleeps on the bed with us or on our couch. He is not high energy and is pretty chill most of the time.  On occasion, he does like to run around and play with us, both inside and outside.  He is not a fan of chew toys, but we can get him interested in these or a ball on rare occasion.

We had a trainer work with Benji, and we think he will do well with other dogs.  We have had him around some of the dogs in the neighborhood, and he has done very well.  The trainer also worked with us on some of Benji's "anxious behaviors," including barking, and while Benji still barks, a firm "no" will get him to stop 90 percent of the time. We do think he has a vision problem, and this is may be why he communicates by barking, because he does not recognize things well.  He sees well enough to move around the house and eat so this should not hold him back much.  He still barks at strange things, but it is what I would call "normal" and is very manageable.  He still gets very upset at bad storms, and we are trying a few things to see if it helps.

Overall, Benji is a very good dog who is ready to find his forever home with some lucky family!

Please check back for further updates.

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