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Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Cotton Candy  

Cotton Candy is an 8 year old (DOB 12/5/2010) double dilute. She’s 15 inches, 24 pounds, up to date, spayed, and just had a dental. Being a double dilute CC was born deaf but luckily has her vision. CC Is back in our program due to the passing of her adopted mom after a battle with cancer.

An update from CC's foster mom: CC does well with dogs and resident cats. She doesn't play with dogs or toys but does like to bark and spin when you’re in her favorite place - the kitchen. CC is not a big fan of the outdoors unless you’re out there with her and she’ll bark to be let inside. CC does not give signals when she needs to potty, so letting her out regularly is working. We do crate her at night and when we leave the house, and she’s not had any accidents when crated. CC lives for food so you want to keep things off the counter and sealed so she can’t forage. We’ve been working with “come” hand signals on lead and she responds but the off leash is a work in progress. She’s not a snuggler by nature do we’ve been doing snuggle sessions and it’s nice to see her enjoying our company more each time. Cotton Candy is very pretty girl and is ready for her new home.

Please check back for further updates.

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