Available for Adoption


Foxy was turned into a local shelter after the death of her owner. She is 3-4 years old, 11-12 inches, spayed, now UTD.  Foxy has been treated for heartworms and is now available for adoption.

An update from her foster mom: Foxy appears to be insecure and shy and has some socialization issues. She is protective of her space and will come and check you out, in her own time. She tends to favor women, however, if you feed her treats….she will love you for the rest of your life, once she realizes you are her friend.

When she first came to us she would fight the leash. Now she is excited to go for walks. Because of her heartworm treatment she has had limited outings to the front yard to smell the grass and do her business. She has moderate anxiety in the car, but at the same time she loves the outings, which she has been limited to seeing her doctor. She appears to be potty trained, but because of the medications she has been taking during her treatment, she has had a few accidents and wears “bloomers” in the house to discourage her and remind her she needs to go outside.

Foxy has no weather related anxiety. She will sleep in her crate or in the bed with you, if she is invited. She loves to sit beside you on the couch and plays with her toys. Foxy should be in a family without small children and other pets.

Please check back for further updates.


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