Harvey Harvey  

Harvey was found as a stray/turned into a local shelter.  He is ~13 years old, 15 inches, 26 pounds, now UTD, heartworm positive, is now neutered/had a much needed dental.

From his foster mom:  Harvey has a calm disposition and so far, I have not even heard him bark.  He had some major dental work with extractions and oral surgery, as well as a neuter, shortly after intake, yet he ate soft food on the first night I had him home.  He has an excellent appetite and now that his mouth has healed, he is willingly eating dry food with just a little canned food added.  He is obviously a senior and does not appear to hear well, but he follows the other dogs out to the yard.  Although we do not know if he ever lived in a house, he seems to be house trained.  He gets along well with the resident Shelties (mostly ignoring them) as well as the cat.  He spends a lot of time sleeping and did not object to an extensive brushout once I had him home.  He is an agreeable, sweet old soul who seems happy just to have good food, a few pats on the head, and a comfortable place to rest.

Please check back for further updates.

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