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Maggie Maggie Maggie

Maggie, along with Seleah and Tigger, is an OR due to the death of her owner. She is 9 years old, 15-16 inches, is now down to 48 pounds, UTD, heartworm/fecal negative. Maggie is hypothyroid and has started medication.

An update from Maggie's foster mom: Maggie is laid back and easy going. We heard her voice for the first time on June 11. She is not aggressive towards people and doesn't seem to be aggressive to other dogs. She is becoming more active, still loves to sit with her family on the couch and will make it known ...this is her space. I am happy to report she is completely potty trained. If you can get her into a car, she is an excellent passenger. Just be sure you have no escape routes available to her. She will jump out of the car no matter how high it is. She has lost 6+ lbs. She is gentle with people, but is fearful of them and will go out of her way to get away from them. She loves her home and does not want to leave it. When we take her on walks she enjoys them; the minute you turn around to go home she will run all the way home, if you let her. Maggie seems to have some hearing issues. She can hear, but cannot determine where the sound is coming from. Maggie has a healthy dislike of thunder and fireworks, but does not require any medicine. With a little bit of reassurance, she is comfortable with her pack.

Please check back for further updates.

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