Ripley Ripley Ripley

Ripley is an OR due to family circumstances. She is 3-4 years old, 13 inches, now up to 12.5 pounds. She is UTD and heartworm/fecal negative. Ripley has been spayed and has had a dental. We took Ripley back to the vet because she was drinking and urinating quite a bit, and after testing, has been diagnosed with cholangiohepatitis.  She is on an antibiotic for three weeks and two liver protectant medications for two months/will be rechecked ~2/21.  Cholangiohepatitis is a chronic condition which, while it may remain quiet and asymptomatic for long periods of time, can be expected to have flare-ups from time to time that will require veterinary attention.

An update from Ripley's foster mom: Ripley has not been socialized and, while very shy and fearful, is no longer making a run for her kennel and has decided that our couch is the place to hang out.  She will sit next to us when we eat and accept food from us by hand.  She is doing great outside and comes inside when I call her.  My resident Sheltie likes her very much, and they have had some running and play sessions outside.  I have seen very nice progress in the week that I have had her.  She is a very sweet girl.  I hope to convince her that life is good and safe with people and homes!

Please check back for further updates.

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