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Maggie Maggie Maggie

Maggie is a found stray.  She is 10+ years old, 15 inches, 30 pounds, spayed, is now UTD, and is now heartworm and fecal negative.  She also has some wounds on her body that have healed.  She is very happy, friendly and well adjusted.

Since Maggie was heartworm positive when she came into our program, she underwent heartworm treatment after intake.  Unfortunately, after initial treatment, she went into congestive heart failure and was in critical condition for a few days.  Once her condition stabilized, she went into permanent foster care and was placed on a number of daily medications.  Because of her condition, we will not be making her available for adoption, but will keep her in our program as long as her quality of life is good.

Maggie has been followed carefully with veterinary care since her initial episode.  She was initially on five medications daily.  After several visits with a veterinary cardiologist and regular cardiac ultrasounds to recheck her condition, her status has actually improved.  Whereas she did have a moderate grade heart murmur and severe pulmonary hypertension, the murmur has disappeared and her hypertension has lessened.  She currently takes three different medications twice a day, as well as monthly heartworm preventative.

From her foster mom:  Maggie came to me as a Forever Foster in summer of 2014.  Although she gave us all some scares when she went into heart failure, she is a fighter and has made remarkable strides in regaining her health.  We don't know how old she is, but she is obviously a senior.  The main cardiac side effect that is still present is a persistent cough.  It doesn't slow her down, though.  She is the boss dog in the household and makes sure all the resident dogs, as well as new foster dogs, are aware of it.  Our goal for Maggie will be to provide whatever care she needs to keep her comfortable and happy.


Delilah Delilah Delilah
Delilah Delilah  

Delilah is a female estimated to be 5.5yr old sheltie/long hair dachshund mix, approximately 20lbs, between 13-14in tall at the shoulder. Delilah is spayed, UTD on all vaccinations/treatments, heart worm negative and micro chipped (copy of records will be provided). Delilah was a street rescue estimated at 8-10wks when current owner found her originally, and as such still has her front/hind dewclaws. She is very affectionate with people once she knows you, but wary of strangers. Delilah loves to cuddle and play, good on leash, knows many commands (Sit, stay, lay down, shake, roll over, and "up"-to balance on her hind legs), and enjoys fetch (although she doesn't always bring the ball back 😉). Delilah loves ice from the freezer dispenser, lounging in the yard when the weather is nice, and is trained to stay off the furniture unless invited. At the dog park she plays well with other dogs, enjoys the water (if she can touch the bottom, won't swim), but can get obsessive with other dogs running around with "fetch balls/toys" and needs to be reminded to take a break.

The reason for re-homing is unfortunately she needs a single dog home as she has developed dominance issues with owner's two female boxers after they have had puppies (owner is an AKC Boxer breeder of over 15yrs) she has also had issues with other dogs long term when they have kept her for extended periods with family members that also have dogs. The owner has tried for the past year to fix these issues, but have decided it is ultimately better for their dogs to re-home her. Delilah would do best in a home without young children as she does not like being chased by toddlers etc, but is very good with older children. She will come with her crate (she is crate trained), collar, leash, a few toys, and a few months flea/tick treatments if available. A $200 Re-homing fee will apply, and a re-homing contract will also be required to help insure a good home (if she is adopted via the site we will donate that fee to the HSS rescue). To apply for Delilah, owner Bryan can be reached via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..) 

About Remy

Remy Remy Remy

Remy is a one year old special needs Sheltie looking for his forever home. He weighs approximately 46 lbs. He is blind in his right eye but sees well out of the left eye and is also deaf. But in spite of his special needs he loves people and has learned hand signals to sit, down and shake. He has completed special training to learn boundaries and how to deal with his lack of sight and hearing. The trainer has recommended that the best home would have no other dogs (he does get along with cats) and no small children. He is looking for a forever home that will continue with his training and give him lots of loving. Please apply for Remy at

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House trained • Spay/Neuter • Special needs • Current on vaccinations

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