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Lucky Lucky Lucky
Lucky Lucky Lucky
Lucky Lucky Lucky
Lucky Lucky  

Lucky5 is an OR to a local shelter. She is 7 years old, 15-16 inches, is now down to 30 pounds. She is spayed, UTD, and fecal and heartworm negative. Lucky came to us limping on any exertion due to some degenerative changes in her hips. With supplements and daily walks, she is getting much more limber and only limps now when she is extremely tired. We are also working on weight loss to help relieve the pressure. Lucky had a benign adrenal tumor which was successfully removed. The surgeon believes that Lucky's elevated liver enzymes were caused by the tumor and should return to normal levels within two months.

From her foster home: Lucky is a sweetheart who loves to go for walks and play in the backyard. She has good house manners and listens to commands to come and stop, unless there's a kitty or squirrel involved! She's still shy around strangers and barks to warn them off but is never aggressive. She loves attention and belly rubs and would prefer to have her human all to herself. Lucky needs an adult home without other animals. A lovely lady who will make someone a loving companion, Lucky is ready for a forever home!

Please check back for further updates.

Forever Foster

Angel Angel Angel

Angel, along with her "brother" Yukon, were returned to the program due to their owner's illness. She is 11 years old, 15 inches, 32 pounds (needs to lose a few), UTD, spayed, and heartworm/fecal negative. Angel is house trained and gets along with other dogs and cats.

Angel's vet felt a growth on her thyroid on her intake exam. Ultrasound revealed growths on both her thyroid glands, one quite large. We took Angel to a surgical specialist to have her evaluated for possible surgery, as it is often curative for thyroid masses. Additional testing, including an MRI, was done, and the surgeon concluded the large growth made the surgery risky and the outcome uncertain. We would very likely be doing more harm than good, and we made the decision to keep her, too, comfortable for as long as we can.

As with Yukon, just getting to this point was an expensive journey. Our goal is always to do what is in the best interest of the dogs in our program, within our ability to do so. Can you help us keep our promises to these dogs to always provide for them? We are so grateful for the support our donors give us. 

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