Bella 7

Adoption Pending

Bella is an OR due to the death of her owner. She is 10 years old (DOB 4/29/12), 15 inches, 38 pounds (needs to lose a few), now UTD and spayed, heartworm/fecal negative. Senior bloodwork shows age related changes, as with other dogs her age. This should be monitored over time.

An update from Bella’s foster mom: Bella is a sweet girl who’s really come out of her shell and will probably continue to develop as she feels more and more secure. She is enthusiastic about pats and food and will sometimes snuggle on the couch with me when I lift her up. She may have been trained to stay off the carpet and the furniture since she sticks mainly to the tile floors in the dining and kitchen areas.

She did go to the dog show and the report was that she was very friendly with the humans and other dogs. Bella fits in with our other 2 and greets other dogs we meet on walks. Our first walks were very slow and hesitant, but she is enjoying them much more now. She heads for the door when she sees the leashes or hears the plastic bags.

We have heard her bark a few times, but not very often; usually when she wants in or out and we’re not paying attention. We have a pat session first thing each morning and Bella dances and jumps around in anticipation, sometimes even barking.

So far, she hasn’t seemed interested in balls or other toys or playing chase. Our other 2 like to do a bit of wrestling and chasing in the back yard, but she keeps her distance while watching them.

Bella is house trained. We don’t crate her. We led her into a crate once, but she wasn’t interested in staying which is okay with us. She has been car sick a few times on the 10-15 mile drives to the vet, etc. We have tried Dramamine with good results. The next attempt will be to put her on the seat instead of on the floor to see if looking out the windows helps.

Overall, she’s a real sweetheart looking for someone to love her back. We get the feeling she might like being an only dog but is actually fine either way.