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Adoption Pending

Do not adjust your filter settings. What you see is correct! Dory is a Sheltie on Corgi legs, or what we like to call a “Shorgi.” DNA tests are in and she is 63% Sheltie and 24% Corgi. The coat is all Sheltie and the attitude almost all Corgi!

Dory is a 7-year-old 25-pound female that really loves hard and can win anybody over with her soulful eyes. She is really good at using them until she gets what she wants and what Dory wants is practically what she gets. For instance, play time when it is time for bed. Who can resist when a dog grabs a toy, puts her paws on the bed, nudges you and continues until you throw the toy at least a few times? And if that doesn’t work, she will even paw the toy closer to you.

Dory came from a home with other dogs and since coming to HSS has been in a foster home with multiple other Shelties. She has done well with all of them. She exists with some and plays with others. There have not been any issues with her.

This little girl is so full of energy, spunk and love. She is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Whether it is when she is loving on you, helping you scold another dog (as so has a little sass and back talk) or when playing fetch. Dory is
always ready to play (especially fetch in the house). I think she likes it better inside than out, especially with the Texas heat. She is really good at fetching a toy, returning it and letting go.

When you need a hug, she will gently crawl up on you and lean into you with affection. Her first few days in HSS she was a little hesitant of this but as soon as she trusts someone, the hesitancy disappears.

Dory would be good with or without another dog. If she is with another dog and they are not playful, that is okay. She may attempt to play with them at some point, but she understands when they say no. BUT, if she is with another dog who will play, you will see evening romps and zoomies galore! The only exception seems to be taller dogs. She takes offense to being stepped on or walked over by another dog. She will bark out her displeasure.

Dory is good with her basic commands. She does recall, once she is familiar with you, HOWEVER, the Corgi kicks in in her recall. Corgis are very stubborn so she may not always recall well, if it is not on her terms.

A few basic things about Dory: She does well on a leash and on walks.  She does well in a car, but riding isn’t her most favorite activity. She is not aggressive to other dogs at feeding (eats around other dogs) or treat time. She is so gentle when she takes food from your hands. You can even tell her gentle and it is almost comical how soft and gentle she is. People food in her presence is another story. It CANNOT be left around her, or it will disappear.  This includes in your hand, just walking. She becomes a land shark and snatches the food out of your hand.  The food will then be gone forever!

Dory has not had any known interaction with cats, but if it’s anything like her reaction to squirrels, it may be best not to let them coexist. She chases squirrels at full speed, and with determination.

Overall, Dory is a precious girl that can fit in just about any home. She will light up your life and bring you loads of joy. She will do best with someone that can give her exercise, play time and/or a job. The mix of her two breeds is strong in the working/herding category. Giving her a job, or at least structure will only bring her closer to you.