Gracie 7


Gracie is a found stray. She is ~10 years old, 15 inches, overweight at 28 pounds, heartworm/fecal negative, spayed. She has been treated for an ear infection, a mild skin infection and will be getting a much needed dental. While our vet heard a heart murmur on exam, an echocardiogram indicated the condition does not warrant treatment at this time.

An update from Gracie’s foster mom: Gracie is potty trained and has not had any accidents inside. She does not bark much, and when she does it is a lower pitch bark. It usually only comes when she wants attention.

While Gracie has been in a home with 5 other Shelties, this sweet baby needs a home all to herself. She is not happy with other dogs and if she weren’t so over weight she would gladly chase away all the cats and squirrels too. She loves attention from people but growls and snaps at other animals.

Gracie is on a diet and has already lost almost 2 pounds and while that doesn’t sound like much, that is still 7% of her body weight. As a goal, she needs to lose at least another 8-10 pounds to help her get around better. She has been started on Dasuquin (glucosamime) and will need to continue on it to help keep her joints in tip top condition.

Around adults Gracie is a very sweet girl. She wants to be in the same room as you and follow you as quickly as she can. She begs to be petted, even by your feet. If you sit down and cross your legs, she will walk under your feet and force your top foot to touch her. She has been great with baths and medications but doesn’t care much for toenail trims. Prior to being found someone gave her a bad hair cut. She has a choppy haircut that could clearly be seen with straight lines in the middle of her back. That hair is growing out and the hair is returning, slowly but surely. She also had several matted areas, mostly around her ears so the hair was cut away and needs a little more time to grow back.

Gracie would love to have her forever person. Will you be willing to give this baby girl a loving home?