Tail tucked between your legs,
Confusion in your eyes --
I know it's hard to understand
That someone heard your cries.

When loneliness is all you know,
And pain is all you feel,
And no one can be trusted,
And hunger's all too real . . .

I had an unexpected visitor
come by my house today.
He'd left last time--without goodbyes
When I still had much to say.
He didn't knock or ring the bell
or show his dear white face
But marched across my kitchen floor
With his oddly thumping pace.
I started as I looked around
to see who was not there;
The thumping sound kept coming
towards me--all I saw was air.

By Gayl Jokiel

Because you will not be forever,
Hope against time though I may,
I paint your picture in my memory,
Eyes blue with age, muzzle gone gray.

Because you walked with me in Springtime,
Puppy-clumsy, running free.
As you grew, we grew together-
You became a part of me.

By Jimmy Stewart
[Beloved Actor, WWII Veteran, Humanitarian]

He never came to me when I would call
Unless I had a tennis ball,
Or he felt like it,
But mostly he didn't come at all.

When he was young
He never learned to heel
Or sit or stay,
He did things his way.

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