AndyA tribute from Andy's foster parents: Andrew (also known as Andy2) came to us to foster in June 2009. He was big for a Sheltie but didn't seem bothered by that at all. He just wanted to be loved and cared for and that is what we gave him to the best of our ability. Andrew learned to love the walks that we would take everyday even though he was somewhat clumsy at times. He walked like a bear always swinging his feet out and then back in. He would sit down at every opportunity as if we had been on some forced march.

Andrew was also a talker, giving little barks to show his interest in dinner, going outside or treats. He also wanted you to go outside with him while he did his business; that way he was sure to get back in with wait time. If you left him outside, he would sit at the back door and just bark until he broke your will to resist him.

Andrew had a big heart. He knew he was home from the time he got here. When someone came to see him he would hide behind the couch or chair as if to say take one of those other dogs, I am already home.

Andrew was an unexpected blessing to us and we loved him.

He is at the Bridge with his first owner, reunited in love. We look forward to seeing him again when we cross over.

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