ChampDeja came to us at 6 years old in June 2004 when her older owner broke her leg and could not keep her. She went to the House of Blue Merles, and quickly joined the pack. From the beginning, Deja was the calm in the storm of her family's blue activity - the mistress who kept her head about her when others (ahem... Missy) would raise a ruckus about one thing or another. In recent years, she was the elder matron, and showed the signs of aging that our dogs get when we're fortunate enough to have them get old with us, but her gentle spirit was treasured and much beloved.

Last year, she had a vestibular incident that she never quite recovered from, and then, earlier this spring, another one that required hospitalization to give her the supportive care she needed. Still, she got well enough to go home to her mom and dad, where she was comfortable and adored, and manna comes in the form of scrambled eggs, bits of chicken, and honey on toast. She passed quietly, in her sleep.

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