JosieJosie had much hardship in her life before being rescued by HSS. She came with a group of 5 other dogs, all in deplorable shape, rescued after the death of their owner. She endured through heartworm treatment, surgeries and dental care for her teeth, which were so bad they had fur on them. She retained her spirit and dignity through it all. She came to us as a foster in November, 2009. As we grew to learn more about her, we learned to love her and her little quirks. She didn't like to walk in the grass and would walk around the edge of the yard where the grass was shortest or do the circle around the pool skirt. She didn't like to be bothered by the other dogs and didn't interact with them much.

She would tolerate Jake, the cat, sleeping next to her. She loved her daily naps, especially in the afternoon. Occasionally she would line up with the others for an ear scratch and tummy rub. She was more affectionate as she got older. Her favorite time of the day, by far, was mealtime. She had the cutest way of bouncing up and down on her back legs and doing spins when she knew her dinner was coming. If you didn't get it ready fast enough to suit her, she would give a few "hurry up" barks. She could hear the treat box opening from another room.

JosieAs time went by and no one became interested in adopting Josie, we decided to make her foster home her "forever" home and formally adopted her for Christmas last December. I believe she knew she was already home. In her last few months her enlarged heart and tumors in her lungs made it difficult for her to breathe. We tried different meds to no avail. We loved her too much to see her in pain and made the last, hardest, most loving decision we could for her.... to help her cross to the Bridge and be free to breathe at last. We love her and miss her greatly.

Many thanks to those who fostered and loved Josie before she came to us. And, of course, thanks to Carol and Mike who saved Josie and the others and brought them to HSS.

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