NoahWe think it was God's hands directing us towards choosing Noah as the dog we wanted to rescue. Noah proved us right. He was the best dog we have ever had. There was just something about him that made him special. You could see it in his eyes. He was sweet, loving, gentle and VERY affectionate. He would come rest his head on your knee until you let him jump in your lap. He would then lay his head on your shoulder and go to sleep. He was always so happy to see us come home.

He didn't just wag his tail, he wagged his entire rear end and jumped up and down on his front paws. It was so cute. He also loved to play fetch. You could throw a ball or bone or toy hundreds of time and he wouldn't get tired of it. Even though we had Noah for only 13 months, we enjoyed every moment of it and we miss him deeply. We take comfort in knowing he his with the Lord and no longer in pain.

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