Landon Landon  

Landon came into our program last year from a local shelter. About 8 years old, he was tiny, precious and lapsized. He loved the humans he trusted, but was a difficult placement because he was fearful of strangers, loud noises and quick movements, and he would snap. He needed someone who was patient, with a quiet home, to help his ease his fears.

Marianne V. had provided such a refuge before for one of our other dogs. In her setting, he was a darling boy, and was happy with her for almost 9 months. He was technically available for adoption, but never drew interest from a home that provided the kind of comfort and security he needed and found with Marianne.

Sadly, he suddenly began to feel bad, and wouldn't eat. On his second trip to the vet in as many weeks, he passed away in the car. Our doctors think he had developed a heart issue that didn't show symptoms until it was too late. Godspeed, little Landon - we trust the Bridge holds no fears for you.

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