MollyThe Angels in Heaven welcome yet another sweet sheltie.

Molly was picked up by Nancy H. in September of 2010, who recalls how she loved being cuddled and petted. After all those years of being tied to a tree, she was totally starved for affection. The previous owners offered Nancy the cable they'd been using and said "Here you'll probably need this." We declined, and Molly was never tied out on a cable again.

Reminiscences from her foster mom: Molly8, better known as Miss Congeniality, went on a sleepover during the 2010 Christmas break.

For days, no news was good news, until Barbara and Hubby called and gave the official word that Molly was home. Warned about Molly's tree monkey behaviors, I knew she'd have some stories for me. Sure enough... even with all the chairs pushed in at the table Molly took to a chair set off to the side and must have leaped onto the dining table for a tasty cherry pie. Not sure how much she got but I was laughing so hard since I had been there myself fostering her...thus the name tree monkey. Molly learned their doggie door quickly and seeing the swimming pool for the 1st time, she tapped her little paw at the water, then ran to the other side....also tapped the water and decided she was NOT going to walk on it. Barbara wanted a cuddling sheltie since the resident male sheltie seemed to take more to daddy than her. Of course Molly was just that: one of those needy shelties that wants your undivided attention 24/7 so I knew that part of Molly was appreciated. Molly and the resident sheltie soon became best buddies.

I had the pleasure of pet sitting Molly a few times since her adoption. This last visit a couple weeks ago was not good. She was not the perky, barky, mischievous Molly that I knew. She was being treated for what they thought was a sprained leg/foot that a couple weeks later was diagnosed as a rare extra skeletal Cancer that grew quickly to consume her shoulder. It was agreed to help her cross to feel the pain no more.

The adopters miss her dearly and are grateful for the short time they had with her. She was a very special HSS foster sheltie for me that touched my heart and many others of HSS who saw her move on to a better life. Rest in Peace sweet Molly...

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