We fostered Sonny for over 2 years. You never know what kind of dog you will get when you foster. When we first saw Sonny, he wasn’t much to look at: scraggly, thinning fur and bad teeth. That first impression didn’t last long as his full personality could not stay hidden. His tail was always on the wag and he had a wonderful disposition that never changed or waned. He was fully self-assured.

He loved to play and we took to calling him Thunder Paws because he galloped around like a colt with a toy happily in his mouth. He was very affectionate but preferred that you be the one who initiated the pats. He would never show you his belly in submission and he never felt comfortable on the couch even while being held on your lap.

He was a teacher to Pepper, our adopted Sheltie, in how to be a real dog. I remember the time 2 large German Shepherds jumped the fence to check us out while we were walking the neighborhood. They did the usual sniffing of Sonny but as we were leaving they pushed the boundaries a bit too much. Our 25-pound Sonny gave the two 70-pound dogs a snap of the teeth and let them know it was time for them to move on, which they did.

Sonny had a bad liver and later developed diabetes. This did not change his disposition at all, he continued to move forward. Finally his diabetes caught up with him and we helped him to the Bridge. He was a wonderful dog in every sense of the word and we were proud to take care of him and be loved by him.

We are grateful for the opportunity to foster him and for the support of the Houston Sheltie Sanctuary.

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