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Dusty Dusty Dusty
Dusty Dusty  

Dusty was returned to the program for personal reasons. He is 14 years old (DOB 5/21/06), 14 inches, is now down to 20 pounds, UTD, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative. Dusty had several seizures in his adopted home. He is on medication twice a day and has not had any seizures since going into his foster home in January.

From Dusty’s foster mom: Dusty is a sweet and lovely, lovely boy. He has beautiful brown eyes and a gorgeous face, and he's so soft and cuddly. He gives little gentle kisses. He likes to play tug of war with his toy, gently. When you throw it, he will run and get it and bring it back to have it thrown again. He enjoys his relaxing paced walks and walks right beside you. He does not pull.

Dusty will let you know when he needs to potty and when he’s ready to come back in. He does not seem interested in lying on the couch or sleeping in a bed. He does get some snuggles when it's bedtime on the bed, but then he goes right off the bed and lays on his doggie bed. He is crate trained.

Dusty seems to like men, or at least my brother! When he came to visit, Dusty greeted him with excitement and love and wanting attention.

During the day, he will lie on the floor or on his dog bed, and several times he has opened the partially opened crate door with his paw, and gone in there to lie down. He is such a sweetie!

From past owners, Dusty started showing aggression towards the other three or four dogs in the home. He gets along great with his sassy foster sister. He hasn't shown any aggression towards her. The two get along fine with our resident dog not having any interest in interacting with Dusty, and Dusty's fine with that. He does seem to want to play with her though, at times. When his fur-cousins and fur-friends visit, we have had no issues.

It is a pure pleasure being Dusty's foster mom. He is well behaved, and anyone who is lucky enough to adopt him will be indeed blessed. He really is such a good dog!!!!

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