Lil Bit
Lil Bit

Lil Bit is an OR due to family circumstances. She is 4 years old (DOB 5/29/16), 16 inches, 33 pounds (needs to lose a few), UTD, spayed, heartworm/fecal negative. Lil Bit has food allergies and will need to stay on prescription food (Royal Canin's hydrolyzed protein - $77 for a 17.6 pound bag) for the rest of her life.

An update from Lil Bit's foster mom: Lil Bit is a classic and classy young lady in every respect. She is very loyal and will follow you all around the house. She especially loves my husband and would not leave his side immediately following his return after a recent minor surgery. She loves to play catch with a tennis ball. She would play all day! She is quite happy to snuggle on the couch and has begged to sleep in our bed - a privilege are are reserving as an option for her forever family.

She does not like small children and will run away and hide from them. She has never snapped or growled at anyone, but we don’t let our grandchildren chase her. She is happy to go to her kennel while they are here. We respect that toddlers are not for her. She is all about the “Sheltie caution” in that she will not trust new things at first, but sit back and watch to see if it’s safe and okay. Then dive in! She has a little more than usual caution and fear of new things and people. So we take things slow and she does okay.

She is feeling much better now that she is on a veterinary prescription diet, as we discovered she is allergic to about everything. She absolutely cannot have any people food or pet foods with certain ingredients. We are working on achieving her perfect weight. She is crate and house trained. She likes to be accompanied on potty trips outside and I would recommend a commitment to this several times a day, especially in a new environment. She likes other dogs and plays well with my two other Shelties. Her ideal home would be a quieter home without children (or small children) and a place where she is ensured not to sneak any food other then her special food, which I also give as treats. She is very smart and I see potential for learning tricks.

She needs a family that will commit to keeping her in her special diet food, which is slightly more expensive than regular dog food A place where things can be taken slowly, an experienced dog family and someone who has lots of tennis balls! She is also very crafty at sneaking out of the front door, but will come back when called. So she needs a place where there is less opportunity for escape and is quiet.

Li’l’ Bit is an amazing sweet soul and will be a fabulous fun and loving companion.

Please check back for further updates.

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