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Tara Tara Tara

Tara is a Sheltie mix from a local shelter. She is ~10 months old, 14 inches, 25 pounds, is now UTD, spayed, heartworm/fecal negative.

An update from Tara's foster mom: Tara is a spunky little girl that is full of energy. She is extremely smart and learns very fast. She will play non-stop if you let her. But she will also cuddle up with you if you sit down. She came to HSS without knowing any commands. Every trick and command that she has been taught she has learned on the 1st day. She is good on a leash but gets a little startled with a passerby. She has improved greatly but still needs some assistance.

There isn't a toy that she won't play with. She learned to retrieve and return toys and balls in less than 24 hours. This little girl has potential to do anything you ask of her. If anyone is looking for a dog to do agility or maybe even fly ball, she could easily learn and be a champion. She is super fast and she can "fly."

So far she has gotten along with every dog she has met. Currently she is living with 5 other dogs, all Shelties. She tries to play with all the dogs but gets along best with the boys. She tries to be a little dominant with the resident female Sheltie but gets some push back. She does great with eating around other dogs and there doesn't seem to be any food issues at feeding time.

Tara is kept in a kennel when she can't be watched as she is still in a puppy phase and can't fully be trusted to not get into anything. She is house trained and has not had a single accident since coming to HSS. She is a small girl and won't get much bigger.

Tara will do best with another dog that will play with her. She takes a day or two to warm up with the other dogs but then she settles in and her personality comes out in full force.

Are you ready to give this girl the wonderful home that she deserves?

Check back for further updates.

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