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Tristan Tristan Tristan
Tristan Tristan Tristan
Tristan Tristan Tristan

Tristan came into our program due to the death of his owner. He is 12 years old (DOB 1/7/09), 17 inches, 40 pounds, neutered, now UTD, heartworm/fecal negative.

An update from Tristan's foster mom: Tristan is a gentle giant. He may be tall for a Sheltie but his heart is so much larger. He loves people and is extremely trusting and docile.

Tristan is being fostered with 4 other Shelties (3 boys and 1 girl). At first he was a little jealous of the other dogs. Now that he has been around other Shelties he has really made great progress. He has proven that he's capable of fitting in with a pack. He quickly learned to share and doesn't seem too bothered by his foster siblings sharing attention.

He loves people. Almost immediately he showed he trusted his foster mom and allowed her to do just about anything to him. To show his appreciation he even provided cuddles and kisses before the first day even came to an end.

We were warned that Tristan was not completely friendly with other dogs and can even be a bit food aggressive so we took this to heart and kept him under close watch. While in his foster home he has growled a couple of times and gotten upset twice. Those 2 times were in the evening when he was "getting ready for bed." No dogs were ever hurt and he had supervision each time. He immediately listened to verbal correction and backed off. This was during his 1st week in his foster home. Since then he has gotten along with every dog and there have been zero incidents.

Initial feeding was done separately from the residents Shelties but by week 2 Tristan's food bowl was brought into the kitchen with all of the other Shelties. He now eats within a couple feet of the other dogs. He eats better this way and he hasn't as so much growled. Also, all the dogs get a treat at night and they have always all in close proximity during this time. Not once has there even been a single growl, let alone anything worse. All treats were taken gently and every dog got along well.

Tristan is a dream Sheltie. He just wants approval from his owner and goes with the flow. When he is asleep he doesn't jump at sounds or movements around him. This makes it ideal, especially being larger, that he doesn't trip people jumping to move out of the way. He is not startled by noises, especially thunder storms and overall is very laid back. Being older he is on glucosamine for his hips but he still runs in the yard, runs the fence line with the neighbor dogs and occasionally takes naps time on the couch. At night he finds a comfy dog bed and sleeps next to his foster mom's bed. He does have a bit of anxiety in a kennel (as he will rub his nose raw) so he does better in a room rather than a kennel. He hasn't exhibited any bad behavior like destroying toilet paper, scratching at walls or tearing anything else up so keeping him in a room when no one is home seems to work for him.

He would make a great addition to someone that either has no other dogs at home or has Shelties. All he needs is a little guidance in what is expected of him, and he will fit right in to your home.

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