The Visitor

I had an unexpected visitor
come by my house today.
He’d left last time–without goodbyes
When I still had much to say.
He didn’t knock or ring the bell
or show his dear white face
But marched across my kitchen floor
With his oddly thumping pace.
I started as I looked around
to see who was not there;
The thumping sound kept coming
towards me–all I saw was air.

Instead of being scared of sounds
whose maker was unseen,
I welcomed them with open arms–
a long time it had been.
Too long it was since I’d last heard
those tiny stomping feet
attached to Perry–my Manx cat
who had a soul so sweet.
His tired body got worn out,
and at Rainbow Bridge he waits–
returned to health with body whole,
limbs good for every gait.
It pleases me to think that he
would stop and take the time
To visit with his “earthly” friends–
to see all here are fine.
I miss my boy, my Perry,
and though we’re far apart
In my mind I scoop him up
And hold him in my heart.
So if you have a baby who
to the Bridge has gone,
Keep your heart wide open
and perhaps you’ll hear a song
of their love for you unending
that transcends time and space.
Know they’re waiting, watching,
loving you–from that Rainbow place.
Perhaps sometimes the curtain thins,
and they can step across
To visit with those they left behind
and help ease pain and loss.
Next time you hear a noise,
or feel a breeze brush by,
It might be one you thought was gone
forever to your eye.

~ Cyndee Walklet 1999