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About Owner Relinquishment

So you think you need to rehome your Sheltie. We understand this is a difficult decision, and we are here to help provide a safety net for your dog. We have years of experience placing Shelties in screened, Sheltie-savvy homes where they will be loved and cherished for a lifetime.

Houston Sheltie Sanctuary accepts owner relinquishments on a space-available basis. Because our first commitment is to Shelties in shelters, where their lives often have a time limit on them, and our second commitment is to found strays who often have nowhere else to go, please understand that we may not be able to take in your dog the day you contact us, although we will make every attempt to be as accommodating as we can. We appreciate if owners contact us before there is a short time limit remaining for us to take in their dog. We accept, and will take care of, dogs who have a variety of medical needs, although we would ask that if you know your dog will need medical care before he/she can be placed, that you would help us with the costs of rehabilitating your dog by making a donation.

We cannot accept aggressive dogs. We will not endanger the public nor our foster home volunteers by taking in a truly aggressive dog. If we discover that a dog who has been relinquished to us is aggressive, we will contact the previous owner to take him back. That said, we understand that a dog may sometimes be provoked to bite under circumstances that have nothing to do with aggression. Please contact us if you think your dog may fit into this category, and we will talk about options.

Please be sure you are truly prepared to relinquish before contacting us. Many resources and decisions come into play in order to make room for your dog, and we would ask that you not invoke those resources until you are certain this is the option you wish to pursue. Once you have made the decision, please:

  1. Email us (Connie GoedeckeLinda ParlapianoMaribeth PixleyJenny PotiFrank Poti)
  2. Complete the Owner Relinquishment Form
  3. Gather whatever vet records or other pertinent paperwork or items you may have

One of our volunteers will contact you to make arrangements to meet you and collect the Sheltie and the paperwork and items.

Adoptions through Houston Sheltie Sanctuary are closed, private adoptions. For the privacy of the adopter, we will not provide information about the adopter to the former owner.