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Russell, along with his sibling Tommy, is an OR due to family circumstances. He is 10 months old (DOB 1/10/22), 16 inches, 25 pounds, UTD, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative. An update from Russell’s foster mom: Russell loves dogs of all shapes and sizes, so far, and would do best with a sibling or two, that can tolerate a kid brother. Older dogs may not be best because as younger brothers go, he can be annoying when he wants to play, which is most of the time. He does listen and respond to his siblings telling him no. However, he doesn’t give up easy.

Russell gets easily excited and needs reminders on what to focus on. House training is going well but if he given access to roam free for too long around the house, his curiosity and excitement may not allow him to focus on potty breaks.

He is learning to be comfortable on a leash. He is very nervous when on a leash and often has flight tendencies. While he was skiddish with many noises in the beginning most noises are OK to him, until a leash is added to the mix. He has improved on walks though, with the help of friendly neighbors that give good lovins’ as well as foster siblings that show him the ropes.

Regular commands are also a work in progress. Sit, stay, down and come are commands that he has not mastered, so continuous training is still need. He needs someone who will have patience with him and 10-15 minutes, a couple times a day, to work with him. One thing that he really loves to do and has mastered is fetch and let go (usually in his dog bed). A bit on accident, it was noticed we regularly played near one of the beds in a particular room and he would return there and drop the toy. When he would drop the toy too early or even slightly out of reach he was asked to fetch and bring the toy to his bed. This was quickly something he did with little training. Playing fetch is potentially his most favorite game every day!

Russell is really good around food and doesn’t show any aggression. The only “aggression” he ever shows comes in the form of younger brother annoyance when trying to get the other dogs to play.

Russell isn’t afraid of water and seems to enjoy his baths. He’s been a good boy every time! He rides in a car well. Russell can be a snuggler, if you pick him up and put him on your lap. He will nap with you as well.

If you are looking for a flying insect chaser, look no further! This boy will fly around a corner, into a wall or even into a shower if he needs too. He will let nothing get in his way to track down any unwanted flying insect! Have no fear, the exterminator is here!

Russell would be best in an active home that can give him a job, such as agility or fly ball. He is much more obedient when he has a job to do. He is quick and learned to fetch, retrieve and return before anything else. When he is working he is even getting better at whisper and rather than barking inside.

Tommy 2


Tommy along with his sibling, Russell, is an OR due to family circumstances.  He is 10 months old (DOB 1/10/22), 17 inches, 37 pounds, UTD, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative.  An update from Tommy’s foster mom:  Tommy is very good with our two resident Shelties and very sweet with people.  He follows me around in the house and yard and likes to play with toys.  Having a young dog to play with him would be ideal.  He is not good on a leash.  He knows “sit” and “come” and rides very well in the car.

We are working on house-training. Letting him out and waiting until he is done works most times but he still marks.  He is a barker and wakes us up at 5 am most days.

Tomy would do best in an active home that can give him a job to do such as agility or fly ball.



Harry is an OR due to family circumstances.  He is 13 years old, 15 inches, 34 pounds.  He is now neutered, UTD, heartworm and fecal negative, and has a dental scheduled.

An update from his foster mom: Harry is a quiet, friendly senior boy who has made himself at home here.  He gets along fine with the other dogs (a senior female Sheltie and two adult male Havaneses), and he ignores the cat or even avoids him.  He doesn’t seem to play with toys.  Being an older fellow, he is content to spend a lot of his time sleeping somewhere nearby.  At night, he sleeps in a dog bed right beside my bed.  He is a very early riser, pawing at my bed to let me know he’s up.  I think the main reason is that he wants to eat!

He seems to be hungry all the time, so he relishes mealtimes and that is about the only time he barks—and he has a very loud bark that he uses to encourage me to hurry with food preparation.  He eats beside the other Sheltie and watches for any food she might drop, but he doesn’t try to take her food while she is eating.  He is a gentleman!

Harry is housebroken and walks well on a leash.  He is okay with baths and getting brushed.  He does not like to get in the car, as it usually ends in a trip to the vet or the groomer.  However, he rides well in the car.  I just have trouble getting him in and out, as he is heavy for me to lift.  When visitors come to the house, he will greet them and ask to be petted, even crowding out the other dogs to be first in line.  He has met my grandchildren, all teenagers, and he briefly met the two-year-old grandson of a friend of mine, but I don’t know of his overall exposure to children.  He seemed fine with all the ones he has met.

I feel that his general health has improved since he came to HSS.  He does have a residual cough that has been investigated and is not contagious and responds to cough medication.  He is a happy, sweet dog who has a lot of companionship to offer.



Huckleberry is an OR due to family circumstances.  He is 13 years old (DOB 6/11/09), 17 inches, 30 pounds, now UTD, neutered.

An update from Huckleberry’s foster mom: Huckleberry is a young soul loving every day and everybody.  He might be a senior but he is playful like a puppy.

Huckleberry had a few lumps and bumps removed when he first came into the rescue. All of them were checked and they all had good outcomes. However, those surgeries are the reason why he currently has a “poodle cut” on his back end.

Huckleberry is a very loving and sweet boy. He has a laissez-faire fair attitude about life and is so easy going. Even during his E-collar days he was super easy to medicate, walk and take care of.  He is tolerant of having anything done to him (brush, bathe, nail trim, etc.). And while he is a senior, his eye sight seems great and his hearing if overall pretty good (except when sleeping as he is able to tune all noises out).

Huckleberry has been around multiple dogs, mainly Shelties and Aussies, while with HSS. Each time he was introduced to a new dog he was a perfect gentleman. He has always gotten along with his foster siblings, even eating right along with them in the kitchen, without any issues. The only time he ever showed issues is if treats (or other food) is dropped on the ground.  Twice he showed minor issues of food intolerance with another dog. But to be honest, that dog was already not a fan other of other dogs so this was not all on “Huck.”

Due to his tall height, Huckleberry has learned that he can counter surf and help himself to anything within reach.  Food (even in a wrapper) is not safe around him, even for a split second.  He will amaze you how fast he can unwrap it!

Huckleberry does kennel up well but he does not prefer to be in the kennel and he will let you know.  He can be vocal when excited but he can also be quiet and cuddly.  Even though he is a taller sheltie he is not overly heavy. He is easy to handle and even attempts to help you get him into the vehicle.  When you reach down to pick him up he offers a little jump. Huckleberry will even play with a ball and toys for a short while. He gets excited to play with “hoomans” and loves the extra attention. 

This boy has so much spunk and love to give he would make the perfect addition to any family. If you do not have any other dogs or you have others and he will be a new addition, Huckleberry will fit right in.  Whoever does bring Huckleberry into their home better love kisses because this boy isn’t shy about giving them out!

Bella 7


Bella is an OR due to the death of her owner. She is 10 years old (DOB 4/29/12), 15 inches, 38 pounds (needs to lose a few), now UTD and spayed, heartworm/fecal negative. Senior bloodwork shows age related changes, as with other dogs her age. This should be monitored over time.

An update from Bella’s foster mom: Bella is a sweet girl who’s really come out of her shell and will probably continue to develop as she feels more and more secure. She is enthusiastic about pats and food and will sometimes snuggle on the couch with me when I lift her up. She may have been trained to stay off the carpet and the furniture since she sticks mainly to the tile floors in the dining and kitchen areas.

She did go to the dog show and the report was that she was very friendly with the humans and other dogs. Bella fits in with our other 2 and greets other dogs we meet on walks. Our first walks were very slow and hesitant, but she is enjoying them much more now. She heads for the door when she sees the leashes or hears the plastic bags.

We have heard her bark a few times, but not very often; usually when she wants in or out and we’re not paying attention. We have a pat session first thing each morning and Bella dances and jumps around in anticipation, sometimes even barking.

So far, she hasn’t seemed interested in balls or other toys or playing chase. Our other 2 like to do a bit of wrestling and chasing in the back yard, but she keeps her distance while watching them.

Bella is house trained. We don’t crate her. We led her into a crate once, but she wasn’t interested in staying which is okay with us. She has been car sick a few times on the 10-15 mile drives to the vet, etc. We have tried Dramamine with good results. The next attempt will be to put her on the seat instead of on the floor to see if looking out the windows helps.

Overall, she’s a real sweetheart looking for someone to love her back. We get the feeling she might like being an only dog but is actually fine either way.

Rascal 2

Ready for Adoption

Rascal, a 11 year old (DOB 11/19/09) tri-colored Sheltie, was an owner relinquishment (along with Tanner) due to death of his owner. Rascal is UTD, neutered, weighs 24 pounds and is heartworm/fecal negative. Rascal is a friendly but somewhat shy Sheltie who loves people. He freely gives tail wags and loves meeting everyone, especially when they give head scratches. He is very obedient, knows sit and is crate trained and house trained. He loves to be in the kitchen with his foster dad when dinner is being prepared, and follows him around everywhere. He is a sweet boy and is learning to trust his foster family with all the changes he has been through. It is hard to resist those beautiful brown eyes! Rascal would do best as an only dog in a home with no small children. He is unsure in high energy situations and can react negatively.

Rascal came to HSS diagnosed with diabetes and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). He is currently on insulin injections given twice a day and pancreplus powder, a digestive aid and replacement therapy for the EPI. HSS is currently monitoring his blood glucose levels and adjusting his insulin units in order to get his glucose levels within normal ranges. Rascal is very good boy when given his insulin injections. He stands still and he makes it easy to administer the insulin shot.

Rascal would love a home where he is the one and only, and a family that would be dedicated to working with his medical needs. After losing the family that he has known since he was a puppy, he deserves to find a family that will love and accept him with his special needs. He will repay you with tail wags and perfect “SIT”s!

Please check back for further updates.