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Adoption Pending

Carrey is an OR due to the death of his owner.  He is 13 years old, 15 inches, 25 pounds, UTD, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative.

From his foster mom:  Carrey is a very sweet senior boy who appears to adapt quickly to new situations.  When he came into HSS, his overall health was good, but he had a wound of unknown origin that had been sutured at his previous location.  He took his oral medications and allowed wound care with no complaints, and he has healed up fine.  He does have a number of growths all over, and none of them have been deemed problematic by his previous veterinarian and by our veterinarian, on his intake exam.

He is very food focused and seems to be hungry all the time.  He eats in the kitchen next to the resident Sheltie, who eats much more slowly, so although he does not try to take her food away from her, he watches carefully for any morsel that might get dropped on the floor.  He gets along well with all the household dogs and basically ignores the cat.  In fact, just to show that he’s officially in the pack, he joins in on any barking taking place, even though he has no idea what everyone is barking about.  At night, he sleeps in a dog bed in my bedroom.  He seems to be well housebroken and has fit into the routine well.

Although he is an older fellow, he does not appear to have any mobility or cognitive issues, and he is friendly with everyone he meets.  Someone who is looking for a cute and easygoing companion should meet Carrey.


Adoption Pending

Kai is an OR due to family circumstances. He is 8 months old (DOB 7/21/22), 17-18 inches, 30 pounds, UTD, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative.

From Kai’s foster dad: Kai is a very loving, affectionate puppy who greats everyone with enthusiasm. He lays next to me in the evening. He enjoys playing with my resident dog and runs around the yard like a greyhound. An older dog would likely not tolerate his activity level. He is very high energy and loves to fetch balls and frisbees and playing with sticks outside. He tries to put everything in his mouth. He is a chewer so we’re going through boxes of rawhide. It is imperative to puppy proof the house. He is a barker and will bark at anything on the other side of the fence. He is house trained.

Kai is an active young dog who had little training or boundaries in his previous life. We will only be considering applicants who have an active home with training experience.



Huckleberry is an OR due to family circumstances.  He is 13 years old (DOB 6/11/09), 17 inches, 30 pounds, now UTD, neutered.

An update from Huckleberry’s foster mom: Huckleberry is a young soul loving every day and everybody.  He might be a senior but he is playful like a puppy.

Huckleberry had a few lumps and bumps removed when he first came into the rescue. All of them were checked and they all had good outcomes. However, those surgeries are the reason why he currently has a “poodle cut” on his back end.

Huckleberry is a very loving and sweet boy. He has a laissez-faire fair attitude about life and is so easy going. Even during his E-collar days he was super easy to medicate, walk and take care of.  He is tolerant of having anything done to him (brush, bathe, nail trim, etc.). And while he is a senior, his eye sight seems great and his hearing if overall pretty good (except when sleeping as he is able to tune all noises out).

Huckleberry has been around multiple dogs, mainly Shelties and Aussies, while with HSS. Each time he was introduced to a new dog he was a perfect gentleman. He has always gotten along with his foster siblings, even eating right along with them in the kitchen, without any issues. The only time he ever showed issues is if treats (or other food) is dropped on the ground.  Twice he showed minor issues of food intolerance with another dog. But to be honest, that dog was already not a fan other of other dogs so this was not all on “Huck.”

Due to his tall height, Huckleberry has learned that he can counter surf and help himself to anything within reach.  Food (even in a wrapper) is not safe around him, even for a split second.  He will amaze you how fast he can unwrap it!

Huckleberry does kennel up well but he does not prefer to be in the kennel and he will let you know.  He can be vocal when excited but he can also be quiet and cuddly.  Even though he is a taller sheltie he is not overly heavy. He is easy to handle and even attempts to help you get him into the vehicle.  When you reach down to pick him up he offers a little jump. Huckleberry will even play with a ball and toys for a short while. He gets excited to play with “hoomans” and loves the extra attention. 

This boy has so much spunk and love to give he would make the perfect addition to any family. If you do not have any other dogs or you have others and he will be a new addition, Huckleberry will fit right in.  Whoever does bring Huckleberry into their home better love kisses because this boy isn’t shy about giving them out!