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Nemo was relinquished to HSS after the death of his owner.  He is 5 years old, 11-12 inches, 30 pounds, UTD, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative.

From Nemo’s Foster: Nemo has warmed up significantly since we’ve had him.  The DNA test says he’s 70% Sheltie and 30% Pembroke Corgi (with a small dash of Collie).  He’s got Sheltie coloring on a Corgi body!  He has a beautiful, thick, short haired coat. He has lost some weight since we’ve had him, but could lose a few more pounds.

He is slowly adapting to his new environment and routine. He is well behaved on leash during his morning walks, but eyes up squirrels and is curious about the neighborhood cats. Nemo starting to learn a few basic obedience commands like come and sit. He can catch a treat like nobody’s business!  He is thinking about catching a ball too; he just needs to learn what to do with it next!

Nemo is good in a crate and at times prefers to rest in it even with the door open.  When he’s loose in the house he has short bursts of energy and play and then curls up at your feet occasionally looking for attention.  He is fully house trained, we have had no accidents and he will trot outside to potty when we ask him to.   Nemo is a gentleman who does not get into things even when left alone.

Nemo is an all weather dog, not concerned with rain or storms (or even a bath!).  He tolerates being brushed.  Some loud noises or sudden movement can startle him, but he shakes them off and moves on. Given his background with an older owner and not having  been around kids, a home without children would be best.

Nemo and our older resident Sheltie get along just fine.  Nemo is less keen on the higher energy young Shelties, and would rather not engage with them.  An only dog home where he can get all the attention and curl up without being bothered would be ideal!

If you are looking for a cute, low maintenance dog to walk around the block, curl up at your feet and toss treats to – Nemo is your boy!!!



Oakley is an OR due to his owner going to a memory care facility.  He is 10 years old, 20 inches tall, UTD, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative and has had a recent dental.

From Oakley’s foster mom:  Oakley is a gentle giant. He came to HSS at a whopping 69 lbs, but should be 40-45 lbs. He is on a weight loss journey and at his last weigh in, he was already down to 58 lbs.

Oakley is a very loving and loyal boy. He was the companion to an older gentleman that developed dementia. This is why Oakley gained so much weight. EVERYTHING that his dad ate, Oakley ate too (including candy, cake and ice cream). That has proven a little difficult as Oakley really wants people food, but we have finally gotten him to eat dog food, alongside his healthy green beans and blueberries. After his owner moved into a memory care facility, he was relinquished to HSS in hopes that someone will love and cherish this senior boy during the latter half of his life.

Oakley has always been an only dog but since coming to HSS has been living in a house full of other Shelties and has had no issues at all. He doesn’t play with them, but isn’t bothered by them either (and that includes a young puppy). His previous owner said he was a shadow and he has proven that to be true in his foster home. He wants to be by his foster mom’s side as often as possible.

Oakley came into HSS on an allergy diet and long-term medication. He has been weened off of them so hopefully he doesn’t need them anymore (especially the food because he doesn’t like it anyway). Oakley loves his walks and for a 10-year-old, very heavy boy, he gets along great! They are short walks, but as the weight continues to come off, the walks are increasing.

He also likes car rides and does very well. He doesn’t like ramps so getting him into a vehicle can be challenging due to his weight but sometimes he actually jumps into the car. Other times, he is a dead weight.

Overall, Oakley is a super sweet boy, that just wants head scratches and attention. Where you go, he wants to go, and he will be happy. He will be fine in just about any kind of home as he is a very “go with the flow” kind of boy. Do you have room for this gentle giant in your home and heart? He is ready for his 2nd half!



Laddie is an OR due to family circumstances. He is 5 years old, 14″ tall, 20 pounds, now UTD, neutered, has had a recent dental, is heartworm/fecal negative. He came to HSS with Marley and Sue Ann but is the most timid. He is comfortable around other dogs and will need a home with another dog – one that will be good with him following them around and learning the ropes. He hasn’t tried to really play directly, but he joins in with them for a good game of “run the fences with the neighbor dogs.”

Laddie has had little to no socialization and will require someone who can be VERY patient with him. There really is no telling what he will do once he comes out of his shell, but that could be awhile from now.

Laddie rides well in a car, without getting sick, but it isn’t his favorite thing to do. He finds a corner to duck his head in. Then, to get him out of the car, he has to be picked up. Most likely he doesn’t know any commands, including recall, but even if he did, he is too scared to respond.

For the first few days in his foster home, he was walked in the back yard on a leash. It was discovered he does better off leash and even shows a little bit of spirit. When Laddie is off leash and out of the direct eyesight of any humans, he relaxes and enjoys his time outside. Even more, he has started to relax when his foster mom comes outside. He wags his tail now and with each passing day, gets a little bit closer to her.

Laddie eats well when left alone and loves his treats but isn’t confident enough to take them from someone’s hand. He is potty trained. If not outside, he chooses to return to his safe space – a kennel, blanket or dog bed away from the activity. He has shown no aggression at all but due to being so timid often assumes the “pancake position” getting as flat as he can.

Laddie may always be a flight risk, so a secure yard is best. He is also so scared of noises that walking him or traveling with him would most likely not be something he would tolerate well, at least for now.

Laddie will sit in your lap and let you cuddle him. Though he has a scared, timid look on his face, he has been nothing but sweet from the beginning. His tail wags and the safe look in his eyes is really great to see. Hopefully that continues over time and one day, his new family will get to see a different side of him. Patience is the key with Laddie. It will pay off.



Sasha was returned to the program because her activity level was stressing out the resident senior dog.

Sasha is a rescue from a shelter. She is about 6 years old, 15 inches, 34 pounds, UTD, fecal negative, spayed, and has been treated for heartworms. We have actually DNA tested her, and although she is a “Sheltie wannabe,” she needed our help and we agreed. Her test revealed that she is 60 percent Australian cattle dog (heeler), with the rest a mix of Australian shepherd, miniature American shepherd, and border collie.

Sasha craves affection. She is thrilled to be petted and talked to, almost to the point of being needy. She is normally very friendly to any visitors to our house and in fact she is a bit pushy, wanting to be first to be greeted. When she comes out of her crate every morning, she is so excited to see me, you would think we had been apart for weeks. In fact, I’m trying to break her of the habit of jumping up on me. She knows “sit” and will do so when I tell her.  Sasha’s coat is fully recovered and she is silky soft.  She doesn’t seem to shed much even when we brush her or during pats.

Sasha is very food/treat motivated.  We got her a puzzle bowl to slow down her eating.  We’ve had a few storms, and she has been nervous but not overly frightened.  We initially crated until she got comfortable and we trusted her more.  There have been a couple accidents – 1 possibly marking territory and the other from fear after being warned off our other dog’s food.

Sasha gets along with the other household dogs, although she can be bossy and crowd the others away when she wants to be first for attention. My cat loves her and will curl up beside her on the floor.  I was surprised at the empathy and concern she showed for my senior Sheltie when she was in failing health. When all the dogs were going outside, Sasha would go back to check on her when she didn’t come out. She would check on her and lie down near her on the floor.

Sasha is obsessed with squirrels and is very quick out the door.   She gets along with our dogs, and they play together – sometimes rough but within bounds.  Early on there were a couple times they set boundaries with her when she was too aggressive or crossed a line of respect.  Our dogs are 55-60 pounds and Sasha is about 35 so there is a size difference that plays into it.  She demands affection by nudging your hand with her nose or bumping you with her butt.  She likes to snuggle and does try to cut the other dogs off.  Sasha is very curious, follows us everywhere and always wants to be involved.

She would enjoy a home where she could go on walks and be active, and in fact, she might make a good agility dog. Even though she is young and full of energy, she is also content to lie at my feet and happily participate in whatever we are doing that day. She is very sweet and lovable and eager to have a forever home.

She received some training recently and those habits are sticking and we are trying to reinforce them.  She is doing better on walks and on the leash than when she first came to us.  We are doing more to reinforce the boundaries when we meet other dogs on walks.