Rainbow Bridge 2014


Abi and I are so sad to tell you that we had to say goodbye to our beloved Sheltie, Sammy, yesterday morning. He had a melanoma surgically removed in August, the results were positive, and we were very hopeful. This past Tuesday, however, he took a swift turn for the worst as cancer returned terribly fast. He got weaker and confused, not wanting any of his favorite foods and only sleeping. We had beautiful quiet time with him on Sunday, and he went to sleep forever peacefully knowing that he was not alone, and that he was loved so much.

Since we adopted Sammy in October of 2003, he blossomed into the light of our lives, the most playful, creative, intelligent, loving, loyal, trusting, and happy dog we have ever known. We cannot imagine the past 11 years, 2 months, and 1 week of our lives without him, and now we cannot imagine the rest of our lives without him. We loved him more than we could ever have imagined. We were so blessed and graced by his addition to our home. He was the greatest dog, and we are so grateful for all the many ways he touched our lives. We want you to know that we are thankful also for the ways in which you loved Sammy.

With much sadness and gratitude,

Scott and Abi