Rainbow Bridge 2015


Nick had to be the most loving, cuddle hungry dog I have ever seen. He often forced his head into your hand to see if he could get you to pet him, and was always ready for more attention. Nick was found wondering around the Kingwood area around 3 years of age, was a bit afraid of men and thunder, and was insatiable for food and being touched. He must have been abused and kicked in the past, as he always jumped if a foot inadvertently moved near him. Nick was well described by his foster Mom that he was a bit shy and jumpy but very loving. Despite his fear of most men, he had an immediate bond on meeting my husband, and James lovingly walked Nick twice a day, rain or shine. He loved to sit in his favorite chair and keep an eye on everyone, getting down regularly to count his “herd” if anyone was in a different room, even for the dogsitter family when we went on vacation. Nick was very smart, was taught to sit, shake, lay down, and go get in his bed when commanded. I taught him to wave his arm to beg for more loving, which you can see in this video we made just a few weeks before his death at close to age 13.

He died from a combination of old age and Lyme Disease. Our flea meds were changed to not include tick protection without our realizing it. Except for walks on manicured sidewalks, he was an indoor dog, but he picked up a few ticks. We removed them quickly but at least two were engorged. A few months later, Nick suddenly went deaf in one ear and his back legs started sliding out from under him. Despite 3 different expensive trips to the vet, they concluded it was just old age. Finally I asked if we could just try a month of Doxy antibiotic treatment, as the Lyme tests are not very accurate. He was 80% better! even his hearing, for about six months, till his legs would just not hold him and he started getting confused and walking into corners and walls. Our hearts were broken, but we were privileged to hold him as he crossed over and are so grateful for the years we had with this sweet dog soul. Heaven must include these precious animals.