Sasha is a rescue from a shelter. She is about 5 years old, 15 inches, 34 pounds, UTD, fecal negative, spayed, and has been treated for heartworms. We have actually DNA tested her, and although she is a “Sheltie wannabe,” she needed our help and we agreed. Her test revealed that she is 60 percent Australian cattle dog (heeler), with the rest a mix of Australian shepherd, miniature American shepherd, and border collie.

From her foster mom: When Sasha came to HSS a few months ago, she was thin, heartworm positive, and had skin and ear infections. She has made an excellent recovery and is a very happy, energetic girl. The first thing I noticed about her was that she was starved for affection. She was thrilled to be petted and talked to, almost to the point of being needy. She is normally very friendly to any visitors to our house and in fact she is a bit pushy, wanting to be first to be greeted. When she comes out of her crate every morning, she is so excited to see me, you would think we had been apart for weeks. In fact, I’m trying to break her of the habit of jumping up on me. She knows “sit” and will do so when I tell her.

Sasha is an excellent eater and is well housebroken. She is terrified of thunder, and even rain without thunder and lightning scares her. She tries to get in my lap when there is bad weather, and she’s a bit big for a lapdog! She loves her crate, which is in my bedroom, and I think it gives her security. I do crate her when I am not at home and at night, but she will often just go to her open crate during the day.

Sasha gets along with the other household dogs, although she can be bossy and crowd the others away when she wants to be first for attention. My cat loves her and will curl up beside her on the floor. Although she has never chased him, she is obsessed about squirrels and almost goes up the tree to get them. I was surprised at the empathy and concern she showed for my senior Sheltie when she was in failing health. When all the dogs were going outside, Sasha would go back to check on her when she didn’t come out. She would check on her and lie down near her on the floor.

Now that Sasha has completed heartworm treatment and does not need exercise restriction, I can allow her to bolt out the door to the back yard. She is really fast. I know she would enjoy a home where she could go on walks and be active, and in fact, she might make a good agility dog. Even though she is young and full of energy, she is also content to lie at my feet and happily participate in whatever we are doing that day. She is very sweet and lovable and eager to have a forever home.