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Tristan Tristan Tristan
Tristan Tristan Tristan
Tristan Tristan Tristan

Tristan came into our program due to the death of his owner. He is 12 years old (DOB 1/7/09), 17 inches, 40 pounds, neutered, now UTD, heartworm/fecal negative.

An update from Tristan's foster mom: Tristan is a gentle giant. He may be tall for a Sheltie but his heart is so much larger. He loves people and is extremely trusting and docile.

Tristan is being fostered with 4 other Shelties (3 boys and 1 girl). At first he was a little jealous of the other dogs. Now that he has been around other Shelties he has really made great progress. He has proven that he's capable of fitting in with a pack. He quickly learned to share and doesn't seem too bothered by his foster siblings sharing attention.

He loves people. Almost immediately he showed he trusted his foster mom and allowed her to do just about anything to him. To show his appreciation he even provided cuddles and kisses before the first day even came to an end.

We were warned that Tristan was not completely friendly with other dogs and can even be a bit food aggressive so we took this to heart and kept him under close watch. While in his foster home he has growled a couple of times and gotten upset twice. Those 2 times were in the evening when he was "getting ready for bed." No dogs were ever hurt and he had supervision each time. He immediately listened to verbal correction and backed off. This was during his 1st week in his foster home. Since then he has gotten along with every dog and there have been zero incidents.

Initial feeding was done separately from the residents Shelties but by week 2 Tristan's food bowl was brought into the kitchen with all of the other Shelties. He now eats within a couple feet of the other dogs. He eats better this way and he hasn't as so much growled. Also, all the dogs get a treat at night and they have always all in close proximity during this time. Not once has there even been a single growl, let alone anything worse. All treats were taken gently and every dog got along well.

Tristan is a dream Sheltie. He just wants approval from his owner and goes with the flow. When he is asleep he doesn't jump at sounds or movements around him. This makes it ideal, especially being larger, that he doesn't trip people jumping to move out of the way. He is not startled by noises, especially thunder storms and overall is very laid back. Being older he is on glucosamine for his hips but he still runs in the yard, runs the fence line with the neighbor dogs and occasionally takes naps time on the couch. At night he finds a comfy dog bed and sleeps next to his foster mom's bed. He does have a bit of anxiety in a kennel (as he will rub his nose raw) so he does better in a room rather than a kennel. He hasn't exhibited any bad behavior like destroying toilet paper, scratching at walls or tearing anything else up so keeping him in a room when no one is home seems to work for him.

He would make a great addition to someone that either has no other dogs at home or has Shelties. All he needs is a little guidance in what is expected of him, and he will fit right in to your home.

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Bailey Bailey  

Bailey was returned to the program for personal reasons. He is 11 years old, 16 inches, 40 pounds, UTD, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative.

An update from Bailey's foster dad: Bailey is a wonderful dog. He and my dog have become besties. Bailey loves to engage my dog in a game of tug of war with a squeaky toy. He walks great on a leash and likes riding in the car. I took him to PetSmart and he loved greeting people and other dogs. He is house trained and is crate trained (which he stays in while I am at work). At night he rests in his crate until I invite him out to sleep on the bed. He wakes me with kisses when he needs to go outside. He dances when I get out the treat bag and is very gentle about taking treats from my hand. Unless he is playing chase with my dog through the house he is always at my side wherever I go.

Please check back for further updates.

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Daisy Daisy Daisy
Daisy Daisy  

Daisy is a 13-year-old owner relinquishment for personal reasons. She is up to date on vaccinations, hw-/fe-, and has had a dental.

At 13, Daisy has a bit of a hitch in her gitalong, but that doesn’t slow her down. She loves to be outside and loves to walk. We have put her on anti-inflammatories, and she is feeling much more comfortable. Daisy is sweet and loving to her humans, and is perfectly house and crate trained. Inside, she wants nothing more than to have her head patted and her rear end skritched. However, she is anxious in new situations, and is easily intimidated, so a quiet home with no young children or rambunctious dogs would be ideal. Give her a few days to settle in, and she will be a sweet and easygoing companion. Will you offer Daisy a soft landing in her golden years?

An update from Daisy's foster mom: Daisy gets along with our resident Sheltie, Stella, and Stella seems to get along with her. Daisy is funny -- when she feels like it is really time to eat and I must need to be reminded — she goes to the refrigerator and paws it. We swear that she has a little alarm clock in her belly, letting me know that her "alarm" has gone off and it's food time. She knows that the meal starts there when I get the yogurt to put on her kibble. Of course, she always tries to move the time earlier and earlier. Once I grab the yogurt, she’s bouncing around and herding me to the utility room where the eating happens! I feed Daisy and Stella side by side without any problem. When I say "out" or "eat" or "walk", she does the play posture and bounces around, ready to go.

Daisy was our hero the other day! We were out on a walk (Stella, Daisy and I) when I saw two big, male dogs that had gotten out of their yard. I immediately turned around and started walking away. Unfortunately they saw us and started coming towards us. As they got closer, Daisy would turn and growl at them. They would back off a little but still approach. After about 3 or 4 more growls from Daisy they gave up and turned away. I got Stella and Daisy back home and then went, with leashes, to see about these dogs and fortunately their owner had corralled them and put them safely back in their yard.

Daisy is somewhat hard of hearing, but I think it is more selective. When she’s outside, at the gate, checking the neighborhood, I call her name and her ears twitch back but she just ignores me!

Daisy also paws the door, any door, when she wants to go out and will paw the door to be let back in. Outside she enjoys watching and barking at people and dogs walking up and down the street. She also enjoys just laying next to the door, soaking up the sunshine. But, overall she is mostly a quiet Sheltie. She will bark when the mail arrives. Stella (our resident Sheltie) goes barking and charging to the door. Daisy rarely joins Stella in the charge, preferring to stay comfortably behind, but joining in the barking. Daisy enjoys playing with toys. She runs excitedly to the door for our walks. She's been an easy foster.

Please check back for further updates.

Abba Abba Abba

Forever Foster

Abba is a Sheltie/miniature Aussie mix who came to us from another rescue group. She is a petite 11 or 12 inches tall, weighs about 17 pounds, and is estimated to be about 10 years old. She is spayed, current on vaccines, fecal negative, heartworm positive. When she came to us, she had a number of mammary tumors. She had a major surgery to remove all the tumors, which were sent off for biopsy. Some of the tumors were benign, but two were malignant. One of the malignant tumors was a high grade and unfortunately had spread into lymph nodes and the bloodstream. Because of that, it is possible that Abba will at some point have a recurrence of cancer locally or at other locations in her body. To see her, you would never know that she has any health problems. She eats well and gets along with the resident dogs and cat. Although she is a bit timid and shy, she often follows me around the house and sleeps in a dog bed beside my bed. She is well house trained, walks well on a leash, and enjoys being brushed. Our plan is to keep her happy and comfortable and exercise watchful waiting for any developments in her health status. We are glad to have this cute, perky little girl in our group.

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Rascal Rascal Rascal
Rascal Rascal Rascal

Rascal, a 11 year old (DOB 11/19/09) tri-colored Sheltie, was an owner relinquishment (along with Tanner) due to death of his owner. Rascal is UTD, neutered, weighs 24 pounds and is heartworm/fecal negative. Rascal is a friendly but somewhat shy Sheltie who loves people. He freely gives tail wags and loves meeting everyone, especially when they give head scratches. He is very obedient, knows sit and is crate trained and house trained. He loves to be in the kitchen with his foster dad when dinner is being prepared, and follows him around everywhere. He is a sweet boy and is learning to trust his foster family with all the changes he has been through. It is hard to resist those beautiful brown eyes! Rascal would do best as an only dog in a home with no small children. He is unsure in high energy situations and can react negatively.

Rascal came to HSS diagnosed with diabetes and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). He is currently on insulin injections given twice a day and pancreplus powder, a digestive aid and replacement therapy for the EPI. HSS is currently monitoring his blood glucose levels and adjusting his insulin units in order to get his glucose levels within normal ranges. Rascal is very good boy when given his insulin injections. He stands still and he makes it easy to administer the insulin shot.

Rascal would love a home where he is the one and only, and a family that would be dedicated to working with his medical needs. After losing the family that he has known since he was a puppy, he deserves to find a family that will love and accept him with his special needs. He will repay you with tail wags and perfect "SIT"s!

Please check back for further updates.

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