Star Star Star
Star Star Star
Star came to HSS because she was being bullied by other dogs in her previous home.  She is ~4 years old, 25 pounds, now UTD, spayed, heartworm/fecal negative.  She has overcome many anxieties and issues that were due to lack of training and socialization.  She has made great strides and is a much happier dog than before.  Star is still a little nervous with anything new but in a healthy environment she adjusts quickly and becomes more relaxed.

She is on some long-term supplements that aide in her relaxed and calming behavior. Star really wants to be around someone who will show her love and attention and she will show it back as well. In the morning she wants to greet her foster mom with kisses. After work she greets her foster mom with a cuddle. She is much better about not jumping and not regularly using her paws to ask for attention, although it is still a work in progress.

If you are looking for a personal home decorator, Star is perfect for you!  At the end of the day she will rearrange her bedding and any other dog beds that she might feel are out of place. 

Observing Star by herself and also in an environment with other dogs, it is probably best that her new home has at least one other dog.  She will not do well with dogs that are super bossy. She was attacked a couple different times by larger dogs and if she feels threatened, she may show her timid side. If you have a medium to smaller dog that enjoys other dogs, Star will most likely fit in nicely in your home.  She follows examples of other dogs so having a playmate to keep her active and show her the ropes is just what she needs!

Adoption Pending

Ranger and Dixie

Ranger and Dixie are owner relinquishments for family reasons. Ranger is 6 years old, 15 inches, 32 pounds. Dixie is 5 years old, 13 inches, 21 pounds. Both are UTD on vaccinations, neutered/spayed and are heartworm/fecal negative. They have lived together almost their entire lives, and we are looking to place them together.

From their foster home: Ranger and Dixie are a pawfect pair, they play together like puppies with both dogs instigating the play. They are crated during the week while no one is home; every pup knows their crate and eagerly hops in. They have free range of the house on weekends and have not gotten into anything nor had any accidents. They will not get on the furniture and I have not encouraged them to. Everyone eats together and knows where to position themselves for their bowl.

Dixie is a little shy of strange noises. She did not like the July 4th fireworks but still handled them well while outside and ignored them when inside. She will burst out the backdoor with the others but gravitates back to her human for companionship rather than playing with the pack. She is a bit plump and has been on a green bean diet since I’ve had her; this diet will likely need to be with her even when she gets down to a good weight. She enjoys eating! She is my pooch and greets me at the door when I come home. She always comes when called.

Ranger is a very confident dog. He loves chasing squirrels and stares up at the tree for them. He likes to bark at the cats, but does not appear to be a serious cat chaser. Ranger showed no fear when neighborhood kids were shooting off fireworks. Ranger does not like young children and will need an adult home or a home with older children.

Both pups love people and other dogs. Do you have room in your heart and home for this pair of lovers?

Adoption Pending

Lacey Lacey Lacey

Lacey is an OR due to the death of her owner. She is 6 years old (DOB 2/25/16), 15 inches, 26 pounds, now UTD, spayed and has had a dental.

An update from Lacey's foster mom:  Lacey is sweet and loves both her male and female human or whoever will give her attention and occasional dog cookies. She has been in a household with two other Shelties but has made no attempt to play with them. Lacey was outside a lot at her previous home, and her coat at this time is very dry and sun bleached. Her favorite thing is getting your attention for head pats and treats. This is guaranteed to get her tail wagging!

She has shown some alpha characteristics with the other dogs and does not recognize what her boundaries should be yet. She has growled at one of the other dogs while sitting on the couch and is somewhat aggressive if there is food or treats around. She is fine meetings other dogs outside the home. She is house trained and crate trained. She is shy and is still most comfortable in her crate although she will sit on the couch next to you for head pats and rubs.

Since we have been fostering her, she has not been exposed to kids or cats. She is not able to climb the stairs in the house yet, but with some persuasion will go down the stairs.

Lacy will need a family who understands it might take awhile for her to become comfortable in her new house and come out of her shell. She would do best in a quiet environment and would not do well in a house with another alpha dog.


Gracie Gracie Gracie
Gracie Gracie Gracie
Gracie Gracie  

Gracie is a found stray. She is ~10 years old, 15 inches, overweight at 28 pounds, heartworm/fecal negative, spayed. She has been treated for an ear infection, a mild skin infection and will be getting a much needed dental. While our vet heard a heart murmur on exam, an echocardiogram indicated the condition does not warrant treatment at this time.

An update from Gracie's foster mom: Gracie is potty trained and has not had any accidents inside. She does not bark much, and when she does it is a lower pitch bark. It usually only comes when she wants attention.

While Gracie has been in a home with 5 other Shelties, this sweet baby needs a home all to herself. She is not happy with other dogs and if she weren't so over weight she would gladly chase away all the cats and squirrels too. She loves attention from people but growls and snaps at other animals.

Gracie is on a diet and has already lost almost 2 pounds and while that doesn't sound like much, that is still 7% of her body weight. As a goal, she needs to lose at least another 8-10 pounds to help her get around better. She has been started on Dasuquin (glucosamime) and will need to continue on it to help keep her joints in tip top condition.

Around adults Gracie is a very sweet girl. She wants to be in the same room as you and follow you as quickly as she can. She begs to be petted, even by your feet. If you sit down and cross your legs, she will walk under your feet and force your top foot to touch her. She has been great with baths and medications but doesn't care much for toenail trims. Prior to being found someone gave her a bad hair cut. She has a choppy haircut that could clearly be seen with straight lines in the middle of her back. That hair is growing out and the hair is returning, slowly but surely. She also had several matted areas, mostly around her ears so the hair was cut away and needs a little more time to grow back.

Gracie would love to have her forever person. Will you be willing to give this baby girl a loving home?

Adoption Pending 

Finley Finley Finley
Finley Finley Finley

Finley came to HSS because he wasn't the most well-behaved boy and his manners were lacking. He is 5 years old (DOB 9/21/16), 14 inches, 19 pounds, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative.

From Finley's foster mom: Finley has gone through a lot of training since coming to HSS. He has learned how to walk on a leash with a Gentle Leader and has drastically improved when it comes to passing cars. He was always lunging and trying to attack a passing car. Now he has learned to patiently sit and wait as they go by. And while he is good with this, he will need continuous guidance and reminders to make sure he stays on track. His Gentle Leader will go with him to his new home so he can continue to do well on a leash.
Comings and goings through the door do seem to trigger Finley. He ramps up, barking and charging excitedly, and is difficult to calm. He has been known to nip at these times. While this is not aggression, we will be seeking the input of a behaviorist to work with him, and it will require a strong hand to continue to manage.

When Finley first came into the program, he also exhibited jealousy issues. Wherever you are he wants to be touching you. If he can lay by your side all day, keeping watch, he would be happy. When other dogs would come by, he didn't want to share the human's attention but he is learning, and now plays, sleeps and eats well with the other foster dogs. He has found his place in the foster pack and, with guidance will find his way in yours too.

Finley is good with his commands and most of the time good on recall. However, he does get focused on certain things (such as running the fence with the neighbor dogs) and has some separation anxiety issues that makes it hard for him to focus. He has been put on a medication to help with this and overall it seems to be doing wonders! He is more focused and attentive. He waits patiently for his food and has never shown any food aggression. He knows all his basic commands and responds well to them.

Ready for Adoption

Rascal Rascal Rascal
Rascal Rascal Rascal

Rascal, a 11 year old (DOB 11/19/09) tri-colored Sheltie, was an owner relinquishment (along with Tanner) due to death of his owner. Rascal is UTD, neutered, weighs 24 pounds and is heartworm/fecal negative. Rascal is a friendly but somewhat shy Sheltie who loves people. He freely gives tail wags and loves meeting everyone, especially when they give head scratches. He is very obedient, knows sit and is crate trained and house trained. He loves to be in the kitchen with his foster dad when dinner is being prepared, and follows him around everywhere. He is a sweet boy and is learning to trust his foster family with all the changes he has been through. It is hard to resist those beautiful brown eyes! Rascal would do best as an only dog in a home with no small children. He is unsure in high energy situations and can react negatively.

Rascal came to HSS diagnosed with diabetes and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). He is currently on insulin injections given twice a day and pancreplus powder, a digestive aid and replacement therapy for the EPI. HSS is currently monitoring his blood glucose levels and adjusting his insulin units in order to get his glucose levels within normal ranges. Rascal is very good boy when given his insulin injections. He stands still and he makes it easy to administer the insulin shot.

Rascal would love a home where he is the one and only, and a family that would be dedicated to working with his medical needs. After losing the family that he has known since he was a puppy, he deserves to find a family that will love and accept him with his special needs. He will repay you with tail wags and perfect "SIT"s!

Please check back for further updates.

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