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Andy is an owner relinquishment following the death of his owner. The family tried to keep him, but it was not a good fit, for reasons including the fact he was breaking his housetraining in his older years. He is 12+ years old, and a big boy at 17-18" and 38#.

Bloodwork on intake showed Andy suffers from chronic kidney disease - the reason for his housetraining issues. He also suffers from long-standing arthritis, and the resultant lack of exercise has resulted in the loss of muscle mass in his hind end, which impedes his mobility. We have arrived at a course of treatment that has him fairly stable in his kidney issues, and medication for his arthritis.

From his foster mom: I can't tell you what a wonderful boy Andy is. He's a big galoot, with a big bark, who loves his people without reservation and asks for little more than regular meals and as much petting as you will provide. One of his main challenges when he first came home was his lack of mobility - without muscle mass to help steady him, he found walking on our floors a challenge. We noticed he did much better outside, where the ground was not slippery like the hardwoods. He *really* enjoyed being mobile. After a number of false starts, we have put several runners throughout the downstairs part of our house, and you would think we handed him the moon. The day we put them down, he walked the pathways for 15 minutes straight, grinning. Happiness is in the simplest things.

Andy's treatment, including fluids which his foster home gives him regularly, and medication for his arthritis, run about $100/month, and he requires regular bloodwork to make sure we are doing what we need to provide appropriate care. Please consider becoming part of "Andy's army" to provide for his needs while we care for him for the rest of his life. Thank you so much.

Forever Foster


Angel, along with her "brother" Yukon, were returned to the program due to their owner's illness. She is 11 years old, 15 inches, 32 pounds (needs to lose a few), UTD, spayed, and heartworm/fecal negative. Angel is house trained and gets along with other dogs and cats.

Angel's vet felt a growth on her thyroid on her intake exam. Ultrasound revealed growths on both her thyroid glands, one quite large. We took Angel to a surgical specialist to have her evaluated for possible surgery, as it is often curative for thyroid masses. Additional testing, including an MRI, was done, and the surgeon concluded the large growth made the surgery risky and the outcome uncertain. We would very likely be doing more harm than good, and we made the decision to keep her, too, comfortable for as long as we can.

As with Yukon, just getting to this point was an expensive journey. Our goal is always to do what is in the best interest of the dogs in our program, within our ability to do so. Can you help us keep our promises to these dogs to always provide for them? We are so grateful for the support our donors give us. 

Forever Foster

Yukon Yukon  

Yukon, along with his "sister" Angel, were returned to the program due to their owner's illness. He is 8 years old, 15 inches, 32 pounds (needs to lose a few), UTD, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative, and has had a dental. Yukon is house trained and gets along with other dogs and cats.

We noticed almost immediately that Yukon was having urinary issues, and back to the vet he went. He was diagnosed with a cancerous prostatic mass that is impeding his urinary stream. We took Yukon to an oncologist who determined that surgery is not an option, chemo would be ineffective, and the best treatment for the condition is non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. We will keep him comfortable and happy for as long as we can, and will let him have a peaceful release when that is no longer possible.

While maintenance for this lovely boy is truly negligible in cost, the diagnostics just to get to this point were expensive. It is our commitment to provide for the breed we love in a way that reflects the justice and dignity we believe they deserve. Won't you help us provide for Yukon, and our other forever fosters, with a donation? We are truly grateful.

Adoption Pending

Tango Tango Tango

Tango is from a local shelter. He is 18 months old, 15 inches, 22 pounds, now UTD and neutered. Unfortunately Tango is heartworm positive. He will begin treatment ~2/9 and be available for adoption ~4/29.

An update from Tango's foster dad: Tango is a bright, funny, playful little guy.  We called him Tango because he prances everywhere he walks.  He is shy until he gets to know you, but once he has done so, he’s your best bud; friendly, loyal, follows you around.  Comes when called; Very trainable.  He gets along great with female dogs; not sure about male dogs.  He whines for a short while if you put him in his crate and he can still see you walking around the house; That has improved significantly over time.  He never has accidents in his crate but needs to go directly from the crate to outside when it is time to go potty. If he gets distracted on his way outside, he may have an accident in the floor. That is understandable, but something to be considerate of. He will make a great addition to someone’s family.

Please check for further updates.

Ready for Adoption

McAlister McAlister McAlister

McAlister was returned to the program for personal reasons. He is 7 years old (DOB 1/26/10), 15-16 inches, 27 pounds (needs to lose a few), UTD, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative.

From his foster home: McAlister is very shy and timid. He takes a very long time to warm up to his owners. He is good around new people but is cautious and never seems to be fully comfortable. He follows me around the house always keeping me in sight. He also follows me outside but runs around the yard for 5-10 minutes before approaching again. Sometimes it is difficult to get him back inside because of his trust issues. Over time, inside the house, I have earned his trust and he will approach me and feel comfortable in areas other than his crate. He now jumps on the couch with me and enjoys being petted.

McAllister needs a patient and quiet home to help him feel secure. He may benefit from another dog to take his cues from.

Please check back for further updates.

Available for Adoption

Cade Cade Cade
Cade Cade Cade

Cade is an OR due to his owner going to a nursing home. He is 12 years old (DOB 11/23/04), 15-16 inches, neutered, and now down to 23# on a program of appropriate diet and gentle exercise. He was treated for heartworms and has had a much-needed dental, and is now ready for adoption. Senior bloodwork indicated some elevations in his liver enzymes; he has been on medication, and rechecks show great improvement - excellent for his age! He will likely need to stay on these medications for life.

From his foster mom: Cade has undergone a transformation in the three months that he has lived with us. With time and patience, he has show himself to be very sweet, and now wants to be near his human at all times. Calm and quiet, he's very much a "Velcro" sheltie, an enthusiastic kisser, and does not like to let us out of his sight!

Cade enjoys going outside for short, slow walks. These were important to his weight loss and help him to feel better. He has grown a glorious Sheltie coat, and loves joining his Sheltie brothers in showing off his good looks by dressing for the occasion. :) Having lived outside, Cade needed a refresher course on housetraining, but he has done beautifully. A naturally passive dog, Cade would do fine in a home with other pets as long as they are easygoing. He would prefer to be a homebody, and in familiar environments, is a devoted companion. He is absolutely fantastic with children!

Cade is a loyal, absolutely delightful senior sheltie. He radiates happiness and love every day!

Please check back for further updates.

Forever Foster

Maggie Maggie  

Maggie is a found stray. She is 10+ years old, 15 inches, 32 pounds, spayed, is now UTD, HW+, has hookworms. She also has some wounds on her body that have healed. She is very happy, friendly and well adjusted.

Maggie came to us with heartworms. Sadly, she has also been diagnosed, as a result of this disease, with congestive heart failure, as well as pulmonary hypertension. Because of her conditions, we will not be making her available for adoption, but will keep her in our program as long as her quality of life is good.

Maggie's condition is expensive. The best known treatment for pulmonary hypertension at this time is Sildenafil - also known as Viagra. We are researching other options, but in its most readily available form, her medication will cost approximately $800/month. Please consider helping us help Maggie.

Please check back for further updates.

About Remy

Remy Remy Remy

Remy is a one year old special needs Sheltie looking for his forever home. He weighs approximately 46 lbs. He is blind in his right eye but sees well out of the left eye and is also deaf. But in spite of his special needs he loves people and has learned hand signals to sit, down and shake. He has completed special training to learn boundaries and how to deal with his lack of sight and hearing. The trainer has recommended that the best home would have no other dogs (he does get along with cats) and no small children. He is looking for a forever home that will continue with his training and give him lots of loving. Please apply for Remy at

More About Remy

House trained • Spay/Neuter • Special needs • Current on vaccinations

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