Rascal Rascal Rascal

Rascal, a 9 1/2 year old (DOB 11/19/09) tri-colored Sheltie, was an owner relinquishment (along with Tanner) due to death of his owner. Rascal is UTD, neutered, weighs 30 pounds and is heartworm/fecal negative. Rascal is a friendly but somewhat shy Sheltie who loves people. He freely gives tail wags and loves meeting everyone, especially when they give head scratches. He is very obedient, knows sit and is crate trained and house trained. He loves to be in the kitchen with his foster dad when dinner is being prepared, and follows him around everywhere. He is a sweet boy and is learning to trust his foster family with all the changes he has been through. It is hard to resist those beautiful brown eyes! Rascal would do best as an only dog in a home with no small children. He is unsure in high energy situations and can react negatively.

Rascal came to HSS diagnosed with diabetes and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). He is currently on insulin injections given twice a day and pancreplus powder, a digestive aid and replacement therapy for the EPI. HSS is currently monitoring his blood glucose levels and adjusting his insulin units in order to get his glucose levels within normal ranges. Rascal is very good boy when given his insulin injections. He stands still and he makes it easy to administer the insulin shot.

Rascal would love a home where he is the one and only, and a family that would be dedicated to working with his medical needs. After losing the family that he has known since he was a puppy, he deserves to find a family that will love and accept him with his special needs. He will repay you with tail wags and perfect "SIT"s!

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Tanner Tanner Tanner
Tanner Tanner Tanner
Tanner Tanner Tanner
Tanner Tanner Tanner
Tanner Tanner Tanner
Tanner Tanner  

Tanner is a 10 year old owner relinquishment due to the death of his owner. At 21", he is what we often call a "Shollie," between a Sheltie and a Collie in size. He was 70 pounds on intake and is now down to 65 pounds (should be ~50#, working on weight loss with a program of diet and gentle exercise), HW/fe-, and has had a much-needed dental. He has a lipoma on his abdomen which our vet has said does not need to be removed.

From his foster mom: Tanner is a big ol' boy with a huge heart. He wants nothing more than to be near his people and let them know how much he loves them. He walks through life with a smile on his face. He loves to cuddle on the couch, looking adoringly at you and nudging your hand for more pets whenever you stop. He is perfectly house-trained, finding his human and barking to let you know he needs to go out. Outside, he prowls the perimeter of his yard, making sure no intruders have breached the boundaries. He is low-key and a wonderful companion, asking little and giving boundless love in return.

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Ready for Adoption

Dusty Dusty Dusty
Dusty Dusty  

Dusty was returned to the program for personal reasons. He is 12 years old (DOB 5/21/06), 14 inches, is now down to 20 pounds, UTD, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative. Dusty had several seizures in his adopted home. He is on medication twice a day and has not had any seizures since going into his foster home in January.

From Dusty’s foster mom: Dusty is a sweet and lovely, lovely boy. He has beautiful brown eyes and a gorgeous face, and he's so soft and cuddly. He gives little gentle kisses. He likes to play tug of war with his toy, gently. When you throw it, he will run and get it and bring it back to have it thrown again. He enjoys his relaxing paced walks and walks right beside you. He does not pull.

Dusty will let you know when he needs to potty and when he’s ready to come back in. He does not seem interested in lying on the couch or sleeping in a bed. He does get some snuggles when it's bedtime on the bed, but then he goes right off the bed and lays on his doggie bed. He is crate trained.

Dusty seems to like men, or at least my brother! When he came to visit, Dusty greeted him with excitement and love and wanting attention.

During the day, he will lie on the floor or on his dog bed, and several times he has opened the partially opened crate door with his paw, and gone in there to lie down. He is such a sweetie!

From past owners, Dusty started showing aggression towards the other three or four dogs in the home. He gets along great with his sassy foster sister. He hasn't shown any aggression towards her. The two get along fine with our resident dog not having any interest in interacting with Dusty, and Dusty's fine with that. He does seem to want to play with her though, at times. When his fur-cousins and fur-friends visit, we have had no issues.

It is a pure pleasure being Dusty's foster mom. He is well behaved, and anyone who is lucky enough to adopt him will be indeed blessed. He really is such a good dog!!!!

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Forever Foster

Anna Anna Anna
Anna Anna  

Anna is a found stray.  She is ~10 years old, 14-15 inches, now UTD, heartworm positive, was treated for tapeworms, has dental disease.

An update from Anna's foster mom:  We do not know Anna's history or how old she is. Anna is a senior lady for sure. I am certain she is completely deaf. This does not stop her. She does really well with hand signals and agreeably gets into her kennel. Her buddy, Kyrie, will go outside and get her if Anna does not hear or see me calling her inside. Unfortunately, shortly after she came into the program, Anna was diagnosed with inoperable bladder cancer. She has become my forever foster and is in hospice care with me. Every day she grows dearer to me. Her spirit is amazing and, like most rescue dogs, Anna shows her appreciation by following me around and giving me soulful looks with those beautiful brown eyes. She has never had a house accident, despite her condition. She is just a doll. We don’t know Anna’s history but you can be sure that she will know love, comfort, understanding and kindness she deserves in her remaining days. When it is her time to cross the Rainbow Bridge she will go knowing she has a family. I will have her paw in my hand and give her gentle strokes so she is not scared and knows she is a good dog and loved. Each dog that I foster teaches me something about the human-animal bond. It is always sad to see them leave but each one has found their perfect furever home and it is amazing to see how it all works out. Thank you Anna for teaching me about keeping your spirits up, because you did and patience, love and understanding do amazing things for dogs and people. It is my honor and privilege to have you as my forever foster.

Forever Foster

Angel Angel Angel

Angel, along with her "brother" Yukon, were returned to the program due to their owner's illness. She is 11 years old, 15 inches, 32 pounds (needs to lose a few), UTD, spayed, and heartworm/fecal negative. Angel is house trained and gets along with other dogs and cats.

Angel's vet felt a growth on her thyroid on her intake exam. Ultrasound revealed growths on both her thyroid glands, one quite large. We took Angel to a surgical specialist to have her evaluated for possible surgery, as it is often curative for thyroid masses. Additional testing, including an MRI, was done, and the surgeon concluded the large growth made the surgery risky and the outcome uncertain. We would very likely be doing more harm than good, and we made the decision to keep her, too, comfortable for as long as we can.

As with Yukon, just getting to this point was an expensive journey. Our goal is always to do what is in the best interest of the dogs in our program, within our ability to do so. Can you help us keep our promises to these dogs to always provide for them? We are so grateful for the support our donors give us. 

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